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Crisis Makes Former Skeptics Rethink Euro

From Poland to Iceland, once-resistant nations want to join up

(Newser) - When the euro was first proposed, skeptics cautioned of the dangers of an integrated system during a time of crisis. Now that the crisis is here, the euro has performed relatively well while smaller currencies have plunged in an investor "flight to quality." As the New York ... More »

IMF Bails Out Hungary, Ukraine

Multibillion-dollar loans prop up Eastern Europe's basket cases

(Newser) - The IMF will provide multibillion-dollar loans to Ukraine and Hungary, which have followed Iceland to become the latest national victims of the global financial crisis. Ukraine will receive a $16.5 billion loan, while the specifics of the Hungary deal are still being worked out. Both Eastern European countries have... More »

Hungary Gets $6.7B Loan to Avert Meltdown

Budapest secures huge loan to prevent default à la Iceland

(Newser) - The Hungarian government secured a $6.7-billion loan yesterday from the European Central Bank in an attempt to stave off an Icelandic-style national meltdown. The EU newcomer's troubles derive from loans denominated in euros or Swiss francs, rather than the softer Hungarian forint. Frozen credit markets have left Hungary's government... More »

3 Stories