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Raising Saddam's Specter, Maliki Aims to Solidify Power

Maliki looks to increase party's power even as some see Saddam-like authority grabs

(Newser) - Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki is looking to extend his reach with party gains on the provincial level in elections Saturday, the New York Times reports. But despite his assurances that “the iron centralization has ended,” many Iraqis fear a return to rule by a single leader with power... More »

State Databases Drop Thousands of Voters

Centralized registration information was intended to clear up discrepancies, but propagated them instead

(Newser) - Thousands of Americans nationwide are facing reams of red tape after new state registration systems booted them from voter rolls, the Washington Post reports. Yesterday the Supreme Court rejected a challenge of 200,000 Ohio voters whose data conflicted with state records, but states such as Montana, Colorado, and Wisconsin... More »

2 Stories