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JPMorgan Hack Was Huge: 76M Households

Bank reveals numbers involved with summer breach

(Newser) - News surfaced in August that hackers had gotten into customer data at JPMorgan Chase, but a regulatory filing today reveals that the hack was way bigger than originally thought: The nation's largest bank says the accounts of 76 million households and 7 million small businesses were compromised, reports Bloomberg... More »

Woman Enters Wrong Account Number, Loses $42K

British hairdresser wanted to put money away

(Newser) - One click on a keyboard, and Sally Donaldson was sending her money to the wrong person. The British hairdresser says she planned to transfer her monthly pay of about $1,500 to her husband's account, but mis-typed one digit of his account number. The heartbreaker: They only noticed the... More »

Bank of America Website Isn't Working

Bank says it's not a cyberattack, just an upgrade glitch

(Newser) - The nation's biggest online banking site is on the fritz for many of its 29 million customers. Bank of America officials say it's not a cyberattack, just a glitch resulting from an upgrade over the weekend, reports the Charlotte Observer . No customer information has been compromised, said a spokesperson. The... More »

How to Manage Your Passwords From the Grave

From Facebook to bank accounts, online afterlife a thorny legal area

(Newser) - These days grieving relatives have a new problem to contend with: managing the Facebook, Flickr, and eBay accounts of the dead. As people trust ever more of their lives to the Internet, from email and online banking to identities on Second Life, very few have considered what exactly will happen... More »

Make Starbucks What It Sounds Like: a Bank

(Newser) - Forget new drinks—Starbucks should try adding a new sector, writes John Gapper in the Financial Times: banking. It might sound ridiculous to pair cappuccinos and checking accounts, but Starbucks’ 7,000 branches outstrip Bank of America, and, in Gapper’s plan, it wouldn’t even need tellers. Starbucks could... More »

Hackers Bidding 5 Figures for Old Phone Raises Eyebrows

(Newser) - Phonemaker Nokia is flummoxed as to why hackers are offering more than $32,000 in underground forums for old handsets, NetworkWorld reports—though bank fraud is a distinct possibility. “We have not identified any phone software problem that would allow” misuse, the company said. But a 2003 model manufactured... More »

Banks Turn Phone Into New Automated Teller

Banking via mobile device grew by 2.7M users in 2008

(Newser) - Customers worried about pinching pennies have more ways than ever to manage their finances through mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal reports. In 2008, 3.1 million people used mobile banking services, up from 400,000 in ‘07—and that number is expected to reach 7 million this year... More »

Hackers Hit Sarko's Bank Account

The timing isn't great for leader calling for financial system overhauls

(Newser) - Small amounts of money began disappearing from Nicolas Sarkozy's bank account in September, and prosecutors now confirm that an ongoing investigation has not yet identified the "swindlers." The hackers are thought to have obtained the French prez's account information and password, reports the Telegraph. The theft comes at... More »

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