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Firebrands Out, but GOP Remains the Same

Ezra Klein on Republicans' fitful attempt to reinvent themselves

(Newser) - Something strange is happening to the GOP. All of the 2016 contenders seem to have reached a conclusion, Ezra Klein observes in a Bloomberg column: "It's better to build a reputation as one of the party’s adults than as one of its firebrands." But Republicans are... More »

Fox News Boots Dick Morris

Pollster frequently predicted Mitt Romney would win

(Newser) - Dick Morris is officially out at Fox News, Politico reports. The network had already sidelined the political commentator and pollster after the presidential election, in which Morris had frequently predicted a Romney landslide. He hasn't appeared on Fox for almost three months, and now the network has decided not... More »

Fox Sidelines Karl Rove, Dick Morris

Post-election, Ailes wants fresh faces

(Newser) - The post-election shake-up at Fox News includes benching two of the pundits who called it wrong the most persistently, New York reports. Under orders from Roger Ailes, producers must get permission before booking Karl Rove or Dick Morris. "The election’s over," says a Fox spokesperson confirming the... More »

Get Ready for a Romney Landslide

GOP's Dick Morris sounds very, very confident

(Newser) - The rest of the political universe seems to think the race is pretty close, but the GOP's Dick Morris predicts a huge night for Mitt Romney and the GOP. In a column for the Hill headlined "Here comes the landslide," Morris maintains that the debates proved President... More »

Dick Morris: Best Seller List at Times Is Rigged

Conservative books shunted to 'Advice'

(Newser) - Is the New York Times intentionally sweeping conservative pundits' books under the rug? That's what Dick Morris and Bill O'Reilly alleged last night. “There’s a war going on” between the Times and Fox News, and the Times has "stepped it up," O’Reilly declared last night,... More »

'Outsider' Palin Used Media Insiders to Win VP Nod

PR firm helped her woo pundits, make case

(Newser) - Sarah Palin likes to play up her outsider credentials while decrying the media elite, but she’s relied on both throughout her career. Belying her mockery of the “mainstream media,” Palin hired a well-connected PR firm to target East Coast journalists and courted conservative media insiders who eventually... More »

6 Stories