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Want to Age Well? Don't Eat Like an American

Study finds Western diet doesn't promote ideal aging

(Newser) - Doctors have long told us that the Western diet—fried foods, processed foods, red meat, white bread, dairy, and plenty of sugar—is unhealthy, and now they have numbers to back it up. Researchers studied 5,350 British adults with a mean age of 51 who were followed for an... More »

US Shuns Veggies, Wants Fries With That

Just 23% of Americans eat vegetables 3 times a day

(Newser) - Michelle Obama may be telling you to do it, Glenn Beck says you don't have to, and Bill Clinton may actually be doing it, but Americans just aren't eating their fruits and vegetables, reports the New York Times in a look at American eating habits. Even with the rise... More »

Even Planes Are Greener Than This Guy

Rising meat consumption key concern at environment conference

(Newser) - This week ministers from 187 nations are gathering in Poland to discuss a new treaty on global warming, and one of the central issues will be not belching smokestacks but cows, pigs, and chickens. Rising global living standards have led to soaring meat consumption; emissions from livestock now generate 18%... More »

Western Diet Hits Heart Health Globally

Meat, fat, salt increase heart risk 35%

(Newser) - If you eat meat, fried foods, and salty snacks, you're at a significantly higher risk of heart attack regardless of where you live, according to a new Canadian study. The Western diet increases heart attack risk by 35%, while a diet rich in vegetables and fiber cuts that risk by... More »

4 Stories