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Psychiatry Group: Yes, We Can Comment on Trump

But larger American Psychiatric Association abides by 'Goldwater Rule'

(Newser) - A psychiatric group has told its members they're not obligated to adhere to something called the "Goldwater Rule," which has long prevented members of the profession from commenting on the mental health of public figures. The American Psychoanalytic Association emailed its members this month to that effect,... More »

Is Gingrich the Next Goldwater?

If party elites can't stop Newt, it could be disastrous for GOP: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - If Newt Gingrich manages to defy party elites and score the nomination, it's pretty much "suicide" for Republicans: "Everything about Newt Gingrich screams 'general election disaster,'" writes Steve Kornacki in Salon , from his "personal and ethical baggage" to his "arrogance." Indeed,... More »

Palin Will Be the 2012 Nominee

Winner-take-all primaries favor unpopular Palin

(Newser) - She may be hugely polarizing, but Sarah Palin’s the odds-on favorite to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, thanks to the party’s winner-take-all primary system. The party establishment may not want Palin, but if she can maintain, say, 35% support in a multi-candidate field, she could win... More »

In 2012, GOP Goes With Heart (Palin) Over Head (Romney)

Who knows, maybe her star power will make her the next Reagan

(Newser) - No matter what kind of gains Republicans make in the midterm elections next year, it’s going to be tough to unseat President Obama—and that’s why the GOP is going to choose Sarah Palin, its heart’s preferred candidate, over Mitt Romney, its head’s favorite. Or as... More »

Robinson, Now a 'GOP Hero,' Hated GOP

RNC touts baseball legend who compared party to Nazis

(Newser) - Whoops. The RNC’s new “GOP Heroes” website devotes a page to baseball legend Jackie Robinson, declaring him a “great Republican” who campaigned for Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller. There’s just one problem: Robinson was a registered independent who professed he’d “never identified with one... More »

Kennedy's Senate Class Full of Lions

Giants abound in 88th Senate

(Newser) - It’s no wonder Ted Kennedy became a lion of the Senate, writes Tom Schaller of he learned from the best. Kennedy began his first full term with the 88th Congress in 1963, and the list of senators sworn in alongside him contains “a safari’s worth... More »

As Calif. Righty Bastion, Orange County Cedes to Rural Placer

But it's a place to hide from, not breed, change

(Newser) - Placer County, Calif.—stretching from Sacramento east to Lake Tahoe—is this generation’s Orange County, and that bodes ill for conservatives, Tom Schaller writes on Placer’s demographics and voting record are similar to the Orange County of the 1960s, which birthed the modern conservative movement.... More »

RNC Recycles LBJ 'Daisy' Ad to Bash Obama on Gitmo

Classic incendiary spot doesn't age well in Michael Steele's hands

(Newser) - RNC chairman Michael Steele has rolled out an ad remixing an LBJ classic on nuclear war to warn about the danger of closing Guantanamo. The infamous 1964 spot used images of a little girl plucking petals off a daisy juxtaposed with a nuclear explosion to illustrate the risk of Armageddon.... More »

Abortion 'Purity Test' Is New to Republicans

Not even 'conservative issue' for older generation: Goodman

(Newser) - Abortion has become “the purity test for remaining in the GOP’s inner circle,” writes Ellen Goodman in the Boston Globe: The Republican Party is shedding and shunning abortion-rights supporters it once called its own. But it wasn’t always that way—even “Mr. Conservative” Barry Goldwater... More »

What the GOP Needs Is a John Wayne

Community, not freedom, is the true Western virtue: Brooks

(Newser) - Republicans have admired Westerns for decades, continually flocking to leaders—Goldwater, Reagan, Bush, Palin—who embody the John Wayne ideal of individualism and bravery. But as David Brooks writes, Westerns aren't really about lone heroes, but "civic order": how newcomers build communities in inhospitable regions. For the New ... More »

Newt Is the Conservative Al Sharpton

He'll never run for office again; he just wants attention

(Newser) - Trendy political predictions to the contrary, Newt's not "back," and he most certainly isn't going to run for president, writes Jason Zengerle in the New Republic. The former House speaker has maintained political longevity by dangling flirty intimations before story-hunting reporters. Given how he loves to talk, Gingrich... More »

White Obama Support Defies Doubters

44% of white voters swing to Obama

(Newser) - A minority of white voters—44%—are now supporting Barack Obama, but he trails by less than previous Democratic presidential candidates, reports the New York Times, including Bill Clinton. Both the impact of racial attitudes and the proportion of white voters in the electorate have diminished, analysts say. In a... More »

Voters Flee GOP Fury Like It's 1964

Angry base has handed election to Obama, writes Cohen

(Newser) - Eight years ago George W. Bush made it to the White House as a "compassionate conservative," with plans to reform education and build a multiracial coalition. In 2008, writes Richard Cohen, that vision of the GOP is dead—replaced by "a mean, grumpy, exclusive, narrow-minded and... More »

McCain Dares Obama to 10 Informal Debates

Face-to-face showdowns could echo Lincoln-Douglas, Obama adviser suggests

(Newser) - John McCain challenged Barack Obama today to fight mano a mano in a series of 10 intimate town-hall meetings between now and the Democratic primary in late August. The Republican's invitation, delivered in a speech and said to be modeled on a proposed Kennedy-Goldwater series, would be “free from... More »

Goldwater Vs. JFK Echoes in '08

Obama vs. McCain recalls race that never happened in '64

(Newser) - The coming Obama/McCain matchup is an echo of another presidential bout, David Talbot writes for Salon—one that never happened between JFK and Barry Goldwater in 1964. Then as now, a young idealist takes on a seasoned ex-soldier over negotiation with hostile governments, to debate a fundamental question of whether... More »

Clinton Rolls Out 'Nuclear Option' TV Spot

'Red phone'-style ad asks: Who will keep your children safe?

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton today debuted an ad hinting at dire consequences of electing a commander in chief who isn’t “tested," ABC News reports. "It's 3am and your children are asleep," a voice says over images of sleeping infants. "There's a phone in the White House,... More »

Who Will Show Clinton the Door?

Novak studies an increasingly touchy question

(Newser) - Does any Democrat have the gravitas to show Hillary Clinton the exit? Syndicated columnist Robert Novak of the Chicago Sun-Times speculates about the campaign's denouement, saying the ex-first lady's continued presence is hurting Barack Obama’s chances against John McCain in the general election. "Clinton's burden is not only... More »

Paul Challenges GOP Agenda on Campaign Trail

"Lone wolf''s" campaign gains traction with the young and wired

(Newser) - Most Americans know him—if at all— as the firebrand Texas congressman who’s always pushed to the end of the line during debates. Ron Paul flounders at the bottom of national polls, but he's is the most “friended” Republican on And he's the lone GOP presidential... More »

GOP Weighs Hollywood Ending for Cheney

Sally Quinn: Thompson offers perfect solution

(Newser) - GOP decision-makers are so fed up with Dick Cheney that they've been searching for a replacement, without much success—until recently. In an op-ed in today's Washington Post, inveterate insider Sally Quinn lays out an ingenious plan: Use heart surgery scheduled for this summer as an excuse to oust the... More »

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