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Volkswagen Has Been Kicked Out of No. 1 Auto Sales Spot

Renault-Nissan is the new king of the cars

(Newser) - Results are in for the first six months of worldwide car sales, and Volkswagen has been, as CNNMoney notes, "dethroned." The German carmaker came in with about 5,155,600 vehicles sold in the first half of the year, followed by Toyota at 5,129,000. But it... More »

Nissan Reveals Mass-Market Electric Car

LEAF will compete with EVs from GM, Mitsubishi

(Newser) - Nissan yesterday unveiled its entry into the electric-vehicle market, the Los Angeles Times reports. The LEAF is a five-seat compact that gets a top speed of 90 mph out of its lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle can go about 100 miles on a full charge, an attribute Nissan hopes will convince... More »

Foreign Bidders See Opportunity in Detroit Mess

As GM, Chrysler spin off units in their wake, the global auto landscape shifts

(Newser) - With Chrysler in bankruptcy and General Motors at the precipice, foreign companies are preparing bids for parts of the US auto industry, the Wall Street Journal reports. The result will be a broad global reshuffling as companies like Italy’s Fiat, France’s Renault, and even China’s Geely buy... More »

Chrysler Flirts With Nissan- Renault as GM Seeks Credit

Alliance would keep Detroit automaker intact, but expose Cerberus to more risk

(Newser) - Chrysler is considering joining Nissan-Renault, adding a North American arm to the Japanese-French auto alliance that could rescue Chrysler’s operations, the Wall Street Journal reports. Cerberus, Chrysler’s majority owner, prefers a merger with General Motors, but overlap with a Detroit competitor would likely eliminate half of Chrysler’s... More »

4 Stories