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Miffed Mom of Fired Critic Cancels USA Today Subscription

Mother of laid-off journalist gives subscription department a piece of her mind

(Newser) - USA Today canned about 70 employees on Wednesday, including film critic Scott Bowles, who had been with the paper for 17 years, reports the New York Times . Bowles says there's no proof, but he believes he was fired—right after returning from the memorial service for his dad, Detroit ... More »

New York Times Garners 5 Pulitzers

Spitzer scandal among winners in rare bright spot for newspaper

(Newser) - The New York Times received five Pulitzer Prizes today, including one for breaking the call-girl scandal that destroyed Gov. Eliot Spitzer's career. The Las Vegas Sun won for public service for exposing a high death rate among construction workers on the Las Vegas Strip. America's top journalism awards were announced... More »

Detroit's Papers Missing on Red-Letter Day

Freep , News stop delivery on day GM CEO forced out

(Newser) - Yesterday was a once-in-a-lifetime news day in Detroit: GM's boss was forced out, Chrysler was pushed to merge with Fiat, Michigan State made it to the Final Four—and the first day that Motor City's two daily newspapers didn't land on doorsteps to tell readers all about it. Both the... More »

Detroit Papers to Cut Home Delivery

Likely move will be first for major metro rags

(Newser) - In another sign of the dire health of the newspaper business, leading Detroit newspapers are expected to announce this week that they're eliminating home delivery 4 days a week, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Detroit Free Press and the News would be the first major metropolitan papers to take... More »

The Culture Wars, College Football Style

Michigan-Ohio State rivalry illuminates tale of '60s, '70s upheaval

(Newser) - The cultural disconnect between conservative college football programs and America’s liberalizing culture in the late 1960s and early ‘70s is the theme of War as They Knew It, a book by Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg. The survey of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry (which continues tomorrow) through... More »

5 Factors to Focus On in Series

(Newser) - The World Series starts tomorrow night, with two teams that might not be so familiar to viewers. With that in mind, John Lowe, writing in the Detroit Free Press, has prepared a list of five players or positions that could be game changers.
  • Centerfielders: The Phillies' Shane Victorino and the
... More »

6 Stories