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Pro-Independence Side Ahead in Scottish Poll

UK offers new deal if Scotland stays in union

(Newser) - Is the UK on the road to Splitsville? Scotland votes on independence on Sept. 18, and one poll has put the pro-independence "Yes" camp in the lead with 51% for the first time, the BBC reports. The "No" side was 22 points ahead less than a month ago,... More »

Europe's Economy Teeters, Leaders Go on Holiday

Summer vacations send 'terrible signal to the markets'

(Newser) - Europeans have always treasured their long summer vacations, and that goes for their leaders as well. As the European economy teeters on the precipice, Nicolas Sarkozy is by the Mediterranean in his swimming trunks. His prime minister is vacationing in Tuscany. British Chancellor George Osborne is in California, where he... More »

Leveling With Voters Could Revive GOP

Look at Britain: a tough austerity program has emboldened the right

(Newser) - The economy might be in shambles, but Republicans are offering no alternative plan to ward off mounting American debt—insisting on yet more tax cuts and refusing to cut into bloated Medicare. David Brooks suggests they take a lesson from their British cousins, the Tories, who are poised to win... More »

UK Tories Accused of Soliciting Russian Magnate

Party's finance leader denies discussing illegal donation

(Newser) - Britain's Conservative Party is taking heat for allegedly requesting $85,000 from a Russian billionaire and suggesting he skirt UK law by gifting the money through his British firm. The solicitation was firmly denied by the party’s finance spokesman, who confirmed he met with aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska but... More »

4 Stories