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Google to App Makers: Use Google Wallet or Else

....your apps will be dropped from Android Market

(Newser) - Google is looking to follow in Apple's footsteps and simplify its app store—and that means pushing developers to change their payment systems. The search giant is calling on developers to drop PayPal and other methods in favor of Google Wallet. And, according to several developers, it's been... More »

Google Unveils Digital Music Service

Cloud storage is free for up to 20,000 songs

(Newser) - Google unveiled its much-anticipated digital music store today, opening a new front in its battle with Apple to provide services over mobile devices. For the first time, Google will sell songs on the Android Market, its online store for apps, movies, and books. Some songs are free, while others were... More »

Occupy Supporter Makes 'I'm Getting Arrested' App

Android program designed to send a blast text before the cuffs go on

(Newser) - Sometimes you just don’t have time to type out a text message—like, say, when the cops are about to zip-tie your wrists together. That’s why Brooklyn software developer Jason Van Anden created “I’m Getting Arrested,” a free Android app designed to let Occupy protesters... More »

Nanny App Reports Teens' Driving Behavior

For $19.99, neurotic peace of mind

(Newser) - The ultimate app for parents nervous about their teens' driving has arrived: Called, iGuardian teen, the Android app logs the speed, location over time, and acceleration of the car. It will also report any use of the phone while the car is being driven, buzzes when the driver goes over... More »

Google, Verizon Team Up on Smartphones

Move to Android seen as real challenge to iPhone, BlackBerry

(Newser) - Google and Verizon will partner on a line of smartphones and software running the search giant’s Android OS and served by the carrier. Verizon is the largest-yet wireless network to back Google, and the announcement could complicate what was once a simple smartphone rivalry between Apple and BlackBerry, BusinessWeek... More »

Google Phone's Appetizing App Menu Is Functional, Too

Not as snazzy as iPhone, and memory is an issue, but open model sure to keep offerings sharp

(Newser) - With Google’s G1 smartphone making this week’s big tech splash, Katherine Boehret, in the Wall Street Journal, takes a look at some of the applications on offer, finding them “useful, entertaining, and mostly straightforward.” Of those she tested from the Android Market, “the G1's apps... More »

6 Stories