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Who Cares About Offshoring?

Richard Cohen says job crisis deserves more than 'schoolyard-level' debate

(Newser) - Imagine Mitt Romney had replaced lots of American workers with robots. Surely, no one would be running attack ads about that. "Robots, for some reason, are good Americans," quips Richard Cohen of the Washington Post . But the Obama campaign is running ads accusing Romney of sending jobs overseas—... More »

Left to Obama: You Outsourced Jobs, Too

Advocates say he hasn't lived up to his campaign promises

(Newser) - President Obama's attack ads have been skewering Mitt Romney for sending jobs overseas with Bain Capital, but some labor activists aren't all that thrilled with Obama's own outsourcing record, the Washington Post reports. Obama promised tax reforms that would eliminate incentives for moving companies overseas, but they... More »

UBS Refuses to Hand Over Names of US Tax Cheats

Bank charges IRS is trying to trample on Swiss laws

(Newser) - Swiss bank UBS has rejected a demand from the IRS that it cough up the names of 52,000 suspected American tax evaders, the Times of London reports. The bank—which paid out $780 million to avoid prosecution for helping rich Americans dodge their taxes—said the lawsuit by the... More »

US Demands UBS Cough Up 50K Tax Cheat Clients

Swiss bank stunned by number in court filing

(Newser) - The Justice Department has stunned UBS with a demand for the names of 52,000 clients believed to be American tax dodgers, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Swiss bank had expected to be asked for 20,000 names, but a court filing yesterday stated that an IRS investigator had... More »

As US Cracks Swiss Secrets, UBS Clients Cop to IRS

Tax evaders taking agency's amnesty deal rather than risk being caught

(Newser) - The IRS is getting an unexpected boon from a Justice Department probe of Swiss bank UBS: Some of its wealthy US clients are owning up to offshore accounts to take advantage of the agency’s amnesty offer, the Wall Street Journal reports—a blow to the secrecy that has made... More »

Outsourcing Still Alive and Well

Rising costs of business are more powerful than 'backshoring' trned

(Newser) - Reports of the death of outsourcing have been greatly exaggerated, three specialists in the field write in strategy+business. While a few big companies such as Dell and Apple have scaled back on customer service operations overseas, these decisions remain the exception to the rule, no matter what you read in... More »

6 Stories