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Obama to Dems: No Cash for You

In face of Super PACs, Obama cuts off committees

(Newser) - For Democrats who President Obama showered with cash in 2008 and 2010, well, they'd better get ready to raise their own darn money this time around. As in the last two election cycles, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi recently asked the Obama for America campaign and the Democratic National... More »

GOP Rep: My $174K Salary Ain't Worth This

Fla. congressman complains about lousy pay for dangerous job

(Newser) - A freshman GOP rep from Florida is taking some heat after suggesting his salary isn't worth the dangers of his job in the wake of Gabrielle Giffords' shooting, the loss of income from his family business, and the lack of free health care. “They’re shooting at us.... More »

Democrats Winning 2012 Money Race (Sort of)

But numbers don't include independent groups

(Newser) - Republicans appear to be on the ropes in the race to raise money for the 2012 election—depending on how you look at it. The Republican National Committee, Congressional Committee, and Senatorial Committee raised a combined $105 million through July—compared to $129 for their Democratic counterparts, Politico reports. The... More »

Democrats' Fuzzy Math: We Can't Lose!

According to memo, Republican House takeover is impossible

(Newser) - Democrats might just be getting delusional about their chances in November. In a memo sent to the Washington Post yesterday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee argued that it was, like, virtually impossible for the Republicans to take the House. In their minds, Democrats are guaranteed to win four Republican seats,... More »

Wall Street Dumps Dems: Donations Down 65%

Upset about financial reform, banks keep their cash

(Newser) - Democrats are feeling the wrath of a financial sector scorned. Wall Street donations to the Democrats’ two congressional campaign committees are down 65% from the 2008 election cycle, the Washington Post reports. Big donors in general are staying away, giving just $49.5 million, compared to $81.3 million in... More »

Disaffected Right, Left Close Purse Strings to Parties

Miffed at election behavior, partisans boycott DCCC, NRCC, etc.

(Newser) - Frustrated voters are letting Congressional Democrats and Republicans know how they feel—by opening their mouths and closing their pocketbooks. One Dem blogger, miffed at the DNC for perceived inaction in the Maine gay marriage fight, has proposed a boycott on donations to the national committee: “Clearly, money talks.... More »

GOP Takes Down Tweet Linking Pelosi, Hitler

Link to doctored video from NRCC 'an error,' pulled after DCCC outrage

(Newser) - Turns out linking a genocidal dictator with the speaker of the House might be a little over the top, as the National Republican Congressional Committee found itself today taking down a tweet with a link to a video comparing Nancy Pelosi to Adolf Hitler. A broadside from the Democratic Congressional... More »

Dems Launch Site to Track Voluble Rep. Bachmann

DCCC site watches GOPer's weird comments

(Newser) - Perhaps tapping the perverse thrill liberals get from the sometimes-bizarre, ultra-conservative statements from Rep. Michele Bachmann, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has set up a website to monitor the Minnesota Republican, Politico reports. points out past hits, including her suggestion that Congress be investigated for anti-American sentiment, and... More »

Emanuel, Dean End Hostilities

White House lunch signals détente for former party rivals

(Newser) - The feud between Howard Dean and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel seems to be at an end. The Hill reports that the two Democratic pols even had lunch recently. “I think that (tension) was always somewhat exaggerated,” says Dean, whose failure to land an administration job... More »

Recession Dents Party Coffers

Fundraising unusually low for this point in the cycle

(Newser) - With recession raging and without a campaign to attract attention, donations to both political parties have fallen, reports the Washington Post. Donations to the six major party committees are off 26% from the same period 2 years ago. “People are feeling it,” an energy executive told Rep. Chris... More »

NJ's Menendez Will Head Key Dem Committee

First Latino in Senate campaign post takes over for Schumer

(Newser) - Robert Menendez will replace Charles Schumer atop the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Hill reports today, giving the committee its first Hispanic leader. New Jersey’s Menendez has a tough act to follow in New York’s Schumer, who helped Democrats pick up six seats to take the majority in... More »

What? Did I Say Something Wrong?

GOP yanks Bachmann ad funding in wake of 'anti-American' gaffe

(Newser) - Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is catching more fallout from her controversial appearance on MSNBC: The National Republican Congressional Committee has pulled media buys made for her campaign, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Bachmann told Hardball host Chris Matthews last week that Barack Obama "may have anti-American views” and... More »

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