G. Gordon Liddy

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Glenn Beck's Paranoia Is a Gold Mine

Gold to guns, scribe says there's profit to be made off right wingers

(Newser) - Move over Jim Cramer. When it comes to possibly unhinged investment gurus, Mike Madden of Salon says he’s going with Glenn Beck and G. Gordon Liddy. Ever since advertisers began boycotting Beck, gold sellers have been grabbing space. The weirdest ad features G. Gordon Liddy mocking Fed policies that... More »

Liddy Plays Birther Hardball

(Newser) - Nixon henchman G. Gordon Liddy branded Barack Obama an "illegal alien" on Hardball yesterday, dodging a barrage of evidence and documents cited by Chris Matthews that the US president was born in Hawaii. Liddy insisted that Obama's "invalid" birth certificate couldn't be used to get a passport or... More »

Mac Hypocritically Mum on Felonious Pal Liddy

Republican won't cough up details despite hammering Obama on Ayers

(Newser) - Bad enough for a presidential candidate to pal around with a “lawless radical,” Steve Chapman writes in the Chicago Tribune, but worse to clam up about it even as you blast your opponent for the same thing. That’s exactly where John McCain is over dealings with G.... More »

3 Stories