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Privacy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Facebook is reverting us to a pre-urban state: David Frum

(Newser) - Between Facebook and cell phone videos that propel any unguarded moment into a viral one, we spend a fair amount of time these days bemoaning the loss of privacy. But the truth is, privacy has only existed for a matter of decades, writes David Frum at CNN . "For most... More »

The Global Elite Are Getting Worried—Finally

Unelected leaders must take some responsibility: David Frum

(Newser) - Today's global elite are "answering to constituents who grow more dissatisfied ... and information-rich," observes Ian Bremmer at the Huffington Post —and as they gather at Davos, they appear concerned about their "increasing vulnerability." That's a very good thing, notes David Frum: "Over... More »

You Won't Remember Today's Speech

Inaugural speeches nearly always forgettable: David Frum

(Newser) - Planning to watch President Obama's speech today? Don't get your hopes up. After all, how many inaugural speeches can we remember from the entirety of American history? Just a handful of lines from a few addresses, writes David Frum at CNN . That's in part because presidents use... More »

Now It's Time for Gun Control Debate

Pundits opine in wake of the Newtown rampage

(Newser) - In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, there's one topic on every opinion writer's keyboard: guns. Is America finally ready to have a conversation about gun control? Here's what people are saying:
  • Joe Scarborough gave an impassioned speech on Morning Joe this morning. "From this
... More »

Our Voting System Is a Joke

David Frum thinks it's time we created a credible, national system

(Newser) - When you vote today, you'll be doing it differently than your countrymen in other states. When the polls close, we'll wait hours to see who won. And we could have legal battles over how those polls were run—like those already unfolding in Florida . Yes, America has a... More »

Want to Reduce Abortions? Support Mothers

We're ignoring the most important topic: David Frum

(Newser) - The abortion debate frequently includes questions about when it should or should not be allowed—what if the mother’s life is at stake ? What if the pregnancy was the result of a rape ? What if it’s a selective reduction ?—but “these dorm-room hypotheticals do... More »

What Obama Can Learn From LBJ

David Frum: Lyndon Johnson knew how to manipulate

(Newser) - David Frum detects "an unspoken critique of Barack Obama' in the fourth volume of Robert Caro's massive LBJ biography, The Passage of Power. Whereas Lyndon Johnson cajoled, wooed, and threatened in order to amass support for major bills—like the Civil Rights Act and Medicare—President Obama recoils... More »

Contested Convention Would Be Disastrous

David Frum explains how it would pan out

(Newser) - As the GOP struggles to settle on a candidate , some are talking about a "brokered convention," at which party leaders would choose the nominee. But today's parties don't have the kind of power players that used to dominate the political scene—and "you can't... More »

Obama's Plan 'Bolder, Better Than Expected'

Pundits from left and right generally praise address

(Newser) - Pundits handed out good grades aplenty for President Obama's new jobs proposal last night, with generally positive feedback from liberals like Paul Krugman—but also from conservatives like David Frum and Andrew Sullivan.
  • Krugman writes in the New York Times that he was "favorably surprised by the new
... More »

Back Off, Stewart: Arizona Needs That Law

Abandoned by feds, state did what it had to do

(Newser) - Stop abusing Arizona, David Frum writes—the state Jon Stewart called the "meth lab" of democracy has a real problem that the federal government isn't doing a damn thing about. With the Mexican border at San Diego effectively fenced, illegal immigration and drug trafficking have shifted into Arizona, he... More »

GOP's Future Could Be Californian

Party is more electable with a Californian at the helm

(Newser) - A revived and more electable GOP could be on its way to the White House by way of California, writes David Frum. Ronald Reagan's state turned blue in the '90s as its economy and demographics changed, causing Texas to replace California as the party's anchor. The Texas-led GOP found it... More »

Conservative Think Tank Ousts David Frum

He called health care reform a disaster for the right

(Newser) - David Frum has been ousted from the conservative American Enterprise Institute days after calling health care reform a political disaster for the right. Frum tells the Washington Post that "there was no suggestion from the AEI" that his scathing column on Sunday (read it here ) led to his... More »

Can You Blame the Jews for Hating Palin?

Columnists debate causes of coolness toward hockey mom

(Newser) - Why do the Jews hate Sarah Palin? Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin posed that leading question in the most recent issue of Commentary and her answer has provoked a backlash from other Jewish writers from both ends of the political spectrum. Rubin argued that, politics aside, Jews have a "palpable... More »

Pundits Lie, Numbers Don't: Women Despise Palin

Frum: So stop telling us how popular she is with 'the people'

(Newser) - Former Bush speechwriter David Frum is sick and tired of hearing the punditocracy gush over how much everyone loves Sarah Palin, and, armed with fistfuls of polls, reminds us: Her fan club is conservative men, and women of all stripes despise her. “If you like Palin,” he writes... More »

GOP Health Care 'Victory' Would Be Disastrous

Frum scolds fellow GOPers for seeking 'triumph of inertia'

(Newser) - If Republicans topple Barack Obama’s attempts to reform health care, they will have reason to celebrate—if they like plummeting wages, skyrocketing Medicaid and Medicare costs, and angry entrepreneurs, David Frum writes for New Majority, scolding fellow conservatives for naysaying reform. “We’ll have entrenched and perpetuated some... More »

Even the Right Can't Stand Glenn Beck

Conservatives take issue with histrionic Fox newcomer

(Newser) - Glenn Beck’s prophesies of doom don’t just infuriate the left. Some conservatives are denouncing the histrionic Fox anchor as well, worried he’ll endanger the movement, reports Benjamin Sarlin of the Daily Beast. Fellow Fox anchor Shephard Smith often mocks Beck, calling his show the “fear chamber.... More »

Frum: GOP Needs Reform, Not Rush

Stick-in-the-mud Limbaugh makes disastrous figurehead

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh is gunning to be the face of the Republican Party, and the GOP is allowing it—with potentially disastrous consequences, writes noted conservative David Frum. “With his private plane and his cigars, Rush is a walking stereotype of self-indulgence,” Frum writes. Worse, Rush insists Republicans need... More »

Handicapping the Race for Kristol's Times Slot

Ex-Bush speechwriter Frum heads pack that may include Noonan, Limbaugh

(Newser) - At the New York Times op-ed page, William Kristol is out; that leaves a spot open for another conservative to keep David Brooks company, writes Michael Calderone in Politico. Times editor Andy Rosenthal wouldn’t comment, but Calderone has guesses on a replacement:
  1. David Frum: The former Bush speechwriter and
... More »

Campaign Arrows Puncture Righty Mag's Lofty Rep

Still, National Review looks forward to having Dems in power after tumultuous year

(Newser) - The nasty tone of the presidential campaign dealt a blow to the National Review, considered the print home for conservative intellectuals and a standard-bearer for genteel debate, the New York Times reports. The death of founder William F. Buckley was followed by the ouster of his son Christopher following his... More »

Conservative Sees Future in Palin

Movement needs 'plain spoken' leader like VP candidate, not 'over-delicate' Noonans

(Newser) - Conservative commentators who shamelessly jump on the Barack Obama bandwagon are blinkered to the new face of conservatism, Tony Blankley writes in the Washington Times. Just like “me-too” Republicans of the New Deal era, “they all cast their admiration for Mr. Obama in contrast to Sarah Palin—who... More »

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