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MI5 Investigated London Suspects Before Killing

Sources identify one of the attackers as a 28-year-old who was raised Christian

(Newser) - UK intelligence had previously investigated the men accused of hacking a soldier to death in the streets of London yesterday, and determined that they weren't a threat requiring "immediate intervention," Sky News reports. BBC sources, however, said that while the men were known to security services, reports... More »

Romney Blabs About Secret MI6 Meeting


(Newser) - I say there, old bean, that's not quite the way it's done. Mitt Romney put his foot in his mouth again across the pond. After irking the Brits with some comments about Olympic preparations yesterday, he also "blabbed" about a meeting with the head of British intelligence... More »

Bomb-Plot Busting Double-Agent Is British

CIA not happy about this leak

(Newser) - Another tantalizing—and potentially damaging—tidbit has leaked about the double-agent who foiled an al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula underwear bomb plot. The agent is of Saudi descent but lived for years in Britain, where he spent some time with jihadist sympathizers and acquired a British passport, sources tell CNN... More »

What the CIA Is Doing in Libya

Obama secretly authorized spies to arm rebels

(Newser) - CIA and British MI6 agents are on the ground in Libya , working covertly to help the rebels defeat Moammar Gadhafi’s forces—and they've been there for weeks, reports the New York Times . Spies from both countries have been scouting the locations of military targets like munitions depots for coalition... More »

US Denies Brits Warned About Detroit Bomber

Downing Street made a mistake, White House says

(Newser) - The UK government made "a mistake" when it claimed that British intelligence about the Detroit bombing suspect was passed on to US authorities in 2008, says a White House source. Gordon Brown's office also seemed to be backpedaling from yesterday's claim that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was included on a... More »

Blair Knew Iraq Had No WMD 10 Days Before War Began

Intelligence ignored, British panel told

(Newser) - Prime Minister Tony Blair was told Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction 10 days before ordering British troops into the country in 2003, but Blair pushed ahead anyway, a panel investigating the war was told today. But, said a key intelligence official, the information didn’t weaken the case... More »

British Intelligence Had Mussolini on WWI Payroll

Dictator-in-training got $9,500 a week to help convince Italians to keep fighting

(Newser) - Britain’s overseas intelligence service helped Benito Mussolini finance his first forays into Italian politics, newly uncovered documents show. Hoping to keep Italy on its side in 1917, during World War I, MI5 gave Mussolini, then 34 and editor of a right-wing newspaper, the equivalent of what’s now $9,... More »

US Threatens to Limit Intel Sharing With UK

... if British courts release details on Guantanamo abuse

(Newser) - The Obama administration says it will cut down on intelligence sharing with the UK if British courts reveal details on the treatment of a former Guantanamo detainee, the Washington Times reports. In a letter to the British Foreign Office, the administration says that releasing a report on the treatment of... More »

Berlin Statue to Honor Would-Be Hitler Assassin

Bomb-planting carpenter finally wins national recognition

(Newser) - Berlin is planning a memorial to honor one of the unsung heroes of the Nazi era—a humble carpenter who came within minutes of assassinating Hitler. Georg Elser planted a bomb in a Munich beer hall in 1939 that nearly killed Hitler just nine weeks into World War II—but... More »

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