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New Theory May Explain Mrs. Lincoln's Odd Behavior

Doctor thinks Mary Todd Lincoln suffered a vitamin deficiency

(Newser) - She's been described as perhaps the most troubled first lady to set foot in the White House, with fearsome moods, depression, and paranoia. Now a doctor says he may have uncovered the secret to Mary Todd Lincoln's behavior: a vitamin deficiency. Interestingly, this latest theory in Perspectives in ... More »

B-12 May Stave Off Alzheimer's

But don't start taking supplements yet, says one charity rep

(Newser) - Vitamin B has already been linked to Alzheimer’s , but new evidence shows that vitamin B-12, specifically, may help to fend off the disease. In a recent study of 271 people published in the Neurology journal, those with the highest levels of B-12 were the least likely to have dementia,... More »

Half of US Docs Prescribe Placebos

Many physicians believe in psychological impact of prescriptions

(Newser) - Half of US doctors admit prescribing drugs to patients just for the placebo effect—to make them think they are taking something beneficial, reports the Chicago Tribune. As many as 56% prescribed antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins, and sedatives in cases where they didn't expect them to have any benefit physically, but... More »

3 Stories