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Obama Army's New Mission: Pass the Budget

Prez calls on legion of campaign supporters, but will they follow?

(Newser) - Four months after propelling Barack Obama to victory, his millions-strong army of volunteers is being asked to help out again, writes Jeff Zeleny in the New York Times. Anyone who contributed $5 or more to the campaign has been enlisted to support Obama's effort to pass his 2010 budget, which... More »

McCain Plane Lands Safely in NM After Mid-Air Scare

'Straight Talk Air' aborts landing due to runway traffic

(Newser) - On his way to Albuquerque to thank New Mexico volunteers for helping his campaign, John McCain had a little aerial excitement as his “Straight Talk Air” 737 abruptly aborted just before it landed, the Chicago Tribune reports. The plane then circled, staggered one way, then the other and finally... More »

Woman Admits Making Up Tale of Carved 'B'

McCain volunteer told police that mugger cut one onto her face

(Newser) - The blogosphere smelled a rat, and they were apparently right. The woman who claimed that an Obama-supporting mugger carved a "B" into her cheek has confessed to making up the tale, KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh) reports. The 20-year-old told police that her black mugger got ticked when he saw her McCain... More »

3 Stories