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8.6M Americans Take Pills to Sleep

Use more common among women, older people

(Newser) - About 4% of Americans aged 20 and older—some 8.6 million of us—turn to prescription drugs like Lunesta and Ambien to catch a few winks, a study finds. In the first federal study on usage, researchers followed 17,000 people between 2005 and 2010. A quarter of them... More »

Tony Scott Was Cancer- Free: Coroner

Still no known motive behind Top Gun director's suicide

(Newser) - Contrary to earlier reports , Top Gun director Tony Scott wasn't suffering from brain cancer or any other serious illness when he committed suicide in August, the coroner says. Scott did, however, have "therapeutic levels" of sleep drug Lunesta and antidepressant Mirtazipine in his body, the Los Angeles Times... More »

Drug Ads Losing Power, Study Says

Most patients don't ask for drugs by name

(Newser) - Maybe it's the extensive warnings at the end of drug commercials, but few Americans request prescription drugs by name, a new study shows. In Colorado, only 3.5% of patients—half the number of 2003—requested specific medicine from doctors. This is despite more than $5 billion pharmaceuticals pay to... More »

OD or No, Isiah Was Miserable

Former Knicks coach denies overdose landed him in hospital

(Newser) - The whole story surrounding Isiah Thomas' reported sleeping-pill overdose remains murky, but the factors that might be bringing him down aren't hard to spot, writes the New York Post. Thomas went from a lifetime in the spotlight to being sequestered in a back office with fans' chants of "fire ... More »

Thomas Caught in Sleeping Pill OD Denial

NBA star claims daughter in distress; cops say he's 'lying'

(Newser) - Despite police and media reports to the contrary, Isiah Thomas is denying claims he was hospitalized yesterday for overdosing on sleeping pills, the New York Post reports. The NBA great says his teenage daughter was treated after a school “incident,” but an employee there said the school “... More »

Isiah Thomas Hospitalized After Apparent OD

Sleeping pills are reported cause for former New York Knicks coach

(Newser) - Former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas was hospitalized early this morning after apparently overdosing on sleeping pills, numerous news outlets in the New York area are reporting. Police in suburban Harrison were called to the Basketball Hall of Famer's home after midnight, the Journal News of Westchester reported. "He's fine,... More »

6 Stories