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Richard Dawkins: Keeping Fetus With Down's Is 'Immoral'

Renowned atheist sparks a Twitter war

(Newser) - What to do when you're pregnant with a fetus that has Down's syndrome? Simple, tweeted Richard Dawkins: "Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice." The renowned evolutionary theorist and atheist later apologized for... More »

Atheist Richard Dawkins: God Might Exist

The evolutionary biologist says he isn't totally sure

(Newser) - World-famous atheist Richard Dawkins said in a debate this week that he's at least a little bit agnostic, the Telegraph reports. Sharing an Oxford University stage with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, Dawkins said he was “6.9 out of seven” certain of his atheism. “... More »

Atheist Richard Dawkins: Slavery Profiteer?

Telegraph newspaper: His family once owned slaves

(Newser) - Renowned atheist Richard Dawkins fired back at the Telegraph today after the paper accused him of profiting—albeit indirectly—from slavery, the Guardian reports. The Telegraph's article notes that Dawkins' great great great great great grandfather, Henry Dawkins, owned 1,013 Jamaican slaves before he died in 1744. Dawkins... More »

Hitchens Slammed Vatican in Final Interview

'The totalitarian, to me, is the enemy,' he told Dawkins

(Newser) - With barely two months left to live, Christopher Hitchens gave one last interview, to fellow atheist Richard Dawkins, taking the opportunity to bash the Catholic Church and totalitarianism. In the New Statesman interview, Hitchens' harshest words were for the Catholic Church, saying that every fascist government in Europe in the... More »

Atheist Academic Wants to Arrest the Pope

Human rights lawyers hope to prove 'crimes against humanity'

(Newser) - A prominent atheist campaigner is working on a plan to have the pope arrested when he visits the UK in September. British academic Richard Dawkins tells the Times of London he's enlisted human rights lawyers to help prove a case of "crimes against humanity." If his plan works,... More »

2,500 Atheists Gather in Melbourne

Global Atheist Convention thought to be largest meeting of godless ever

(Newser) - If ever there was a group unafraid of a vengeful lightning bolt, it's the 2,500 atheists converging on Melbourne—likely the largest concentration of godless thinkers ever. The Global Atheist Convention says it doesn't intend to proselytize, and in fact discourages any “missionary zeal." Still, the convention... More »

Pat Robertson Fallout Shows Hypocrisy of Christianity

If you blast him, you blast the whole faith

(Newser) - Christians who try to distance themselves from Pat Robertson’s assertion that the recent earthquake is payback for a pact with the devil are practicing the height of hypocrisy, Richard Dawkins writes. “Dear modern, enlightened, theologically sophisticated Christian, your entire religion is founded on an obsession with 'sin', with... More »

Dawkins to Battle the Harry Potter 'Delusion'

Atheist author will write children's book to wean kids from magic

(Newser) - Evengelical atheist Richard Dawkins will take on Harry Potter in his next book, the Daily Telegraph reports. The God Delusion author is working on a book aimed at teaching children not to put their faith in "anti-scientific" fairytales. The professor plans to examine what effect raising children on stories... More »

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