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Friendship or Corruption? Senator's Rare Trial Set to Begin

It has the potential to reshape the Senate

(Newser) - "That’s one thing that makes this case interesting: It asks the existential question as to when friendship ends and corruption begins." So says a former federal prosecutor of the corruption trial, which is kicking off Wednesday, of Sen. Robert Menendez. The 63-year-old New Jersey Democrat is the... More »

Virginia's Ex-First Lady Pitched Pills to Ann Romney: Testimony

Former Bob McDonnell aide: She said it could cure MS

(Newser) - As Virginia's former first couple faces trial for alleged graft , a former aide to ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell is offering some damning testimony. McDonnell's wife tried to pitch a nutritional supplement to Mitt Romney, the aide testified, and when that fell through, she pitched it to Ann Romney instead.... More »

McDonnells' Sad Defense: We Hated Each Other

Virginia's former first couple fight corruption charges by saying they barely spoke

(Newser) - Bob and Maureen McDonnell's corruption trial got under way this week, and it's yielding no dearth of grist for the mill. While it appeared financial problems drove Virginia's former first couple to accept $165,000 in loans and gifts from a donor, the McDonnells' lawyer put up... More »

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Convicted of Post-Katrina Corruption

Ray Nagin will be under home monitoring until sentencing

(Newser) - Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been convicted on 20 of the 21 corruption charges against him, most of them related to the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Nagin was accused of creating a "scheme of artifice to defraud" New Orleans residents of his... More »

China Sentences Bo Xilai to Life

Onetime party boss will likely appeal, and lose

(Newser) - Capping a dizzying downfall, a Chinese court has slapped onetime political rock star Bo Xilai with a life sentence in prison after convicting him of corruption and abuse of power. "Bo Xilai was a servant of the state, he abused his power, causing huge damage to the country and... More »

Bo Xilai Bashes Key Witness: He's in Love With My Wife

Disgraced pol turns makes planned 2-day trial last 5

(Newser) - Earlier in his corruption trial, Bo Xilai dismissed his wife's testimony by calling her insane ; today, he attacked another witness by arguing that the man was in love with his wife. According to Bo, the government's top witness, former police chief Wang Lijun, and Bo's wife, Gu... More »

Bo Xilai Slams Wife's Testimony: She's Nuts

Gu Kailai says ex-politician knew about bribes

(Newser) - It's day two of the corruption trial of Bo Xilai , and a central witness has testified against the disgraced Chinese politician: his wife, Gu Kailai, herself convicted of murder in the death of Brit Neil Heywood. In a video, Gu said her husband was fully aware of bribes a... More »

For Blago, 71 Days of Freedom Left

And no pension, to boot

(Newser) - Gone was the defiant Rod Blagojevich who protested his innocence , promised a comeback , and called himself "frankly … stunned" at his guilty verdict: The Blago on display yesterday at his sentencing was apologetic and emotional, but he was sentenced to 14 years for corruption nonetheless. Now he has just... More »

Riots Break Out as Mubarak Trial Resumes

Officials expected to testify they were ordered to fire on protesters

(Newser) - Protesters thronged the Cairo courthouse where Hosni Mubarak's trial resumed today, scuffling with riot police, who struggled to contain them, reports the BBC . Anti-Mubarak protesters burned the former president's image in effigy and protested the judge's ban on cameras in the courtroom, while Mubarak supporters were equally... More »

Mubarak Refusing Solid Food

He is due to go on trial next week in Egypt

(Newser) - Hosni Mubarak is severely depressed and has not eaten solid food in four days, say doctors at the hospital in Egypt where he is being held, reports CNN . The development comes a week before he is due to stand trial on charges that he ordered police to fire on protesters... More »

Blagojevich: 'F***ing Golden' Remark Was 'War-Gaming'

Ex-gov is less than crystal clear in his testimony

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich finally got a chance to explain his infamous description of Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat as "f---ing golden" but he did a pretty poor job of it. "I'm afraid to answer this, but I'm not quite sure how to answer it," the... More »

Rangel Walks Out of Ethics Hearing

After complaining that he didn't have a lawyer

(Newser) - Charles Rangel made a scene at his ethics trial today, storming out less than an hour into the proceedings, which he deemed unfair because he can no longer afford a lawyer. Rangel said his lawyer had withdrawn because the congressman couldn’t pay the $2 million bill he’d already... More »

Senate Opens Impeachment Hearings on La. Judge

Chamber's first since Bill Clinton's in 1999

(Newser) - The Senate will open today an impeachment trial against a Louisiana judge facing a slew of corruption charges, Fox News reports. The House already voted unanimously to impeach US District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, accused of lying under oath and taking payoffs. A Senate impeachment panel will hold three all-day... More »

Young Blago Juror: I May Become a Lobbyist

'I've seen all the money they make'

(Newser) - Any lessons to be learned from round one of the Blagojevich trial? Probably none better than this, as articulated by a college-age juror: "I might be a lobbyist after this," Erik Sarnello tells the Chicago Sun-Times (a line gleefully picked up by the Awl ). "I've seen... More »

Defiant Blago: Trial a Big Waste of Money

They threw 'the kitchen sink' at me and failed

(Newser) - Because federal prosecutors got Rod Blagojevich on only 1 of 24 counts , we get to do this all over again. Let the posturing begin, as rounded up by the Chicago Tribune :
  • Rod Blagojevich: "The government threw everything but the kitchen sink at me, and on every charge but one
... More »

Blago Jurors Have Settled on Only 2 Counts

Judge wants them to keep deliberating

(Newser) - The Rod Blagojevich jury continues to be stuck: On its 12th day of deliberations, jurors informed the judge that they've settled on only two counts (it's not clear which ones), remain deadlocked on 11 others, and haven't even begun deliberating the remaining 11 related to wire fraud charges. The judge... More »

Blago Spent Whopping $400K on Clothes

Prosecutor accuses Patti of paying for it with suspect Rezko money

(Newser) - Looking as good as Rod Blagojevich does ain’t cheap. The ex-governor and his wife spent $400,000 on clothes while in office or running for it, according to testimony from a government financial analyst at Blagojevich’s corruption trial yesterday. Prosecutors followed that up by playing a wiretap tape... More »

'Senator Oprah' Sounded Good to Blago

Then-gov considered media titan to succeed Obama as senator

(Newser) - As Rod Blagojevich considered possible successors to Barack Obama as US senator from Illinois, he came up with one name "no one can assail": Oprah Winfrey. As the former governor's corruption trial dragged on today in Chicago, prosecutors played a tape from December 2008—after Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett... More »

Judge Bars Blagojevich From Tweeting in Court

But he can still talk to the press

(Newser) - Geez, now Rod Blagojevich is going to have sit still during his corruption trial. The judge today blocked his perfectly rational plan to issue live tweets from the courtroom, reports the Chicago Tribune . Judge Zagel didn't bar Blagojevich from making his many public statements before and after the proceedings, though... More »

Blago Defense Can't Subpoena Obama

Ex-governor's lawyers want president to testify in corruption trial

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich will not be permitted to subpoena President Obama as he defends himself against charges that he tried to sell or barter Obama's vacant Senate seat after the 2008 presidential election. The judge in the former governor's forthcoming corruption trial did leave to door open to calling the president... More »

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