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Office Inserting Chips in Workers' Skin

Swedish office block offers employees high-tech access

(Newser) - Some Swedish workers can now enter their building without a key and make purchases at the office cafe sans card—with a chip implanted in their hand, the BBC reports. Epicenter, a new Swedish office block, is offering employees a miniscule RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip to provide various kinds of... More »

Tattoo Parlors Packed for Free Swastika Day

Movement seeks to 'reclaim' ancient symbol from the Nazis

(Newser) - If you ever wanted a swastika permanently inked on your body, then yesterday would have been your lucky day. More than 120 tattoo parlors around the world were offering free swastikas—not to salute the Nazis, but as part of a controversial movement to reclaim the symbol that was a... More »

DC Proposes 24-Hour Waiting Period for ... Tattoos

District health department says it will protect customers

(Newser) - Waiting periods: They're not just for guns anymore. In DC, the health department is pushing to add a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for tattoos and piercings, the Washington Post reports. A department official says the proposal—part of a larger package of industry reforms which includes a ban on... More »

Bad Water in Ink Blamed for Tattoo Infections

Nasty infection can take months to clear up, or require surgery

(Newser) - An outbreak of nasty, hard-to-treat tattoo infections has been traced not to dirty needles, but to tainted ink, reports NBC . At least 40 people in four states contracted the rare infection, which was caused by a bacteria related to tuberculosis which lives in soil and water. Investigators from the Centers... More »

Series of Scandals Led to Fall of Ohio State's Tressel

Resigned Jim Tressel been applauded for 'integrity'

(Newser) - Ohio State’s vaunted football coach Jim Tressel resigned suddenly yesterday , and a new Sports Illustrated story may explain why. The piece on Tressel details a “pattern” of broken rules under his coaching, all amid much praise from other football heavyweights for his “steadiness” and “integrity.”... More »

Banned Tattoo Artist Fights for Free Speech in Court

'Art gets protection,' says law prof

(Newser) - The owner of a tattoo parlor barred from setting up in a Los Angeles beachfront community is battling the ban in court, arguing it's a violation of free artistic speech. He lost the first round when a federal judge ruled tattooing was "not sufficiently imbued with elements of communication.... More »

Like, Get Inked at the Mall!

Chain-store tattoo parlors aim for a mainstream crowd

(Newser) - Now that piercings have become passé mall culture is taking on a new taboo: tattoos. With several chain parlors springing up at shopping centers across the country, the intrepid can now get inked in homogenized comfort by salaried artists with 401(k) plans—a radical departure from the traditional tattoo scene... More »

7 Stories