Kingdom of Israel

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Israel, Stop Using God to Settle Real Estate Disputes

It's 'dangerous, unwise, and smacks of sacrilege': Walter Rodgers

(Newser) - In the US, Christians and conservatives are increasingly supportive of Israel and its claim to the "Holy Land." But "there’s too much at stake to use God as a real estate broker," writes former CNN Jerusalem bureau chief Walter Rodgers in the Christian Science Monitor... More »

Dig May Confirm Solomon's Mines

Biblical account matches unearthed copper center in Jordan

(Newser) - Science and the Bible have a rare moment of “confluence,” says an archaeologist who helped unearth possible proof of King Solomon's reign, Newsweek reports. In present-day Jordan, scientists have found a 10th-century BC copper production center that coincides with the rule of the Biblical king of Israel. A... More »

2 Stories