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New BlackBerry Lands in a Sweet Spot

Physical keyboard, just-right size make Curve 8900 a winner

(Newser) - Research in Motion’s newest BlackBerry, the Curve 8900, is "a satisfying combination of high-end features, ideal size, and good looks," writes Katherine Boehret for the Wall Street Journal. Unlike the high-profile Storm, the new smartphone has a real keyboard that's "a dream for thumbs," she... More »

BlackBerry Maker Faces 'Storm' of Criticism

Bugs and design flaws in newest, much-anticipated model irk dedicated users

(Newser) - BlackBerry’s newest model, the Storm, has provoked frustration among users over bugs and bad design choices, MSNBC reports. Though the phone gained favorable early impressions for its “clickable” touchscreen, BlackBerry-related websites have recently been buzzing with criticism, as many have found writing email on the screen to be... More »

BlackBerry Storm: It's a Dud

Potentially great phone 'inconsistent and confusing:' Pogue

(Newser) - BlackBerry has a knack for simple phone names, and the Storm couldn’t be more spot-on, David Pogue writes in the New York Times. Stormy it is: dark, sodden, and unpredictable. The feature-packed phone is shrouded in a “marathon of frustration”—keys that don't do anything, scrolling that’... More »

Storm Proves Worthy Rival to iPhone

BlackBerry Storm has a touchscreen keyboard but doesn't push iPhone

(Newser) - The BlackBerry Storm hits the US tomorrow, with the iPhone squarely in its sights. The new smartphone is an interesting mix of traditional BlackBerry and the hugely popular Apple gadget, with a few twists, Walt Mossberg writes for the Wall Street Journal. The keyboard is the Storm's calling card: ... More »

BlackBerry's New Storm Will Capsize iPhone, Google's G-1

Smartphone has solid biz base, adds apps

(Newser) - The low-profile BlackBerry's Storm is poised to be silent killer to Apple's iPhone and Google's G-1 when it goes on sale next month. GigaOm's Jim Courtney explains why:
  • Storm cleverly runs on 3G carriers like Verizon, whose 70 million customers can't use iPhone.
  • The advanced touch screen and keyboard are
... More »

5 Stories