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Coke, a Healthy Drink? Experts Working With Coke Say Yes

Dieticians promote drink in online blitz last month

(Newser) - Coca-Cola may be fun to drink, but is it healthy? Despite warnings linking sugary drinks to illness , several nutrition and fitness experts suggested last month that it's OK to down a mini-can of Coke or other soda. These experts also work with and may be paid by Coca-Cola, the... More »

Washington Puts Out Call for Pot Consultants

And dozens of intrepid pot heads answer it

(Newser) - At least five years of regulatory experience. A law degree. Extensive expertise in every aspect of growing, selling, and smoking weed. It's not exactly the most commonplace list of job requirements, but it's the skill set Washington state is looking for in its new official marijuana consultant, the... More »

SEC Dumps Millions on Consultants

And critics say it's not getting its money's worth

(Newser) - The Securities and Exchange Commission is, by its own admission, something of an organizational mess right now, so it's done what many corporations have done: called in consultants. In less than a year, the SEC has spent more than $8.5 million on consultants, Reuters reports, hiring first the... More »

Bevy of Consultants Drive Romney's Fundraising

Ex-Romney staffers for firms, take in millions

(Newser) - For years, Spencer J. Zwick worked and raised money for Mitt Romney. Now he runs his own consulting firm, SJZ Inc., and Romney has paid it $4.6 million for "fundraising consulting." It's a familiar story in the Romney campaign, which relies on an unusually high number... More »

CIA Ops Moonlight for Corporations

Help hedge funds spot liars on corporate earnings calls

(Newser) - Apparently CIA operatives don't have enough on their plates fighting two wars and al Qaeda: Many operatives moonlight as consultants to financial firms and hedge funds, Eamon Javers writes in a book excerpt on Politico . Moonlighting in the private sector is generally allowed for federal employees if they follow strict... More »

Ex-Generals Cash in as Gov't 'Mentors'

They collect millions... while also working for defense contractors

(Newser) - If you’re a general unhappy with your measly six-figure salary, just retire; the Pentagon will pay you millions to come back and consult, even if you’re also drawing a paycheck from a defense contractor. At least 158 retired admirals and generals are now on the Pentagon payroll as... More »

Business Is Booming for French 'Protest Coach'

Parisian makes a living schooling dissenters in the art of civil disobedience

(Newser) - France's leading "protest consultant" has never been busier, he tells the Wall Street Journal. Xavier Renou provides—for a discretionary fee—tips and training courses for anticapitalist protesters on making sure their message is heard. Renou sticks to nonviolent means, but has plenty of practical advice on everything from... More »

'Coaches' Help New Inmates Move from Suits to Stripes

Rise of white-collar crime has benefited prison consultants

(Newser) - The recession is providing new career opportunities for criminals turned consultants, reports the Los Angeles Times. Using the web, “jailhouse litigators” coach future inmates who’ve been convicted of white-collar crimes that presumably haven't prepared them for life on the inside. “We deal with anybody who has fears,... More »

Blair Banks $20M in First Year as Ex-PM

Feat beats Clinton, but UN wonders if he's doing his peace job

(Newser) - Tony Blair took in around $20 million since stepping aside as British PM last October, the Times of London reports, six times what he’d made in his entire life and more than double Bill Clinton’s take in his first year out of office. Some at the UN have... More »

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