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Guy Changes Name to 'Bacon Double Cheeseburger'

'No regrets,' says British man

(Newser) - We get that if your name is Simon Smith, you might long for more exotic nomenclature. But this British bloke admits his recent name change was "the culmination of probably too many drinks in the pub," per the Evening Standard . Smith, now officially known as Mr. Bacon Double... More »

Busted, Dude Chows Weed, Double Cheeseburger

Stupid people don't get smarter when they're high

(Newser) - Dude, you don't put your weed in there: The St. Petersburg Times has a chortler about one Samuel Collins, who was chewing furiously on a bag of pot early Saturday morning after being pulled over for tossing a McDonald's bag out the car window. As cops yelled for him to... More »

Burger King Aims to Burn McD's With $1 Cheeseburger

Burger joint looking for more lettuce in battle for consumers

(Newser) - Burger King is spoiling for a cheeseburger price war, the Chicago Tribune reports. The chain is trying to persuade franchisees to halve the price of double cheeseburgers to just $1 for several months. McDonald's recently hiked the price of its double cheeseburgers to $1.19, under pressure from their franchisees,... More »

Double Cheeseburger Gets Boot for One-Slice McDouble

McDonald's new burger, with less cheese, takes standby's place on dollar menu

(Newser) - Grumbling from franchisees has McDonald’s set to bump the price of its double cheeseburger up to $1.19, the Chicago Tribune reports. That, of course, would knock it off the popular dollar menu, so plans are to replace it there with the new McDouble—virtually the same burger but... More »

4 Stories