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Trump Retweets Teen in Quarrel With CNN Reporter

Jeff Zeleny dismisses president-elect's claims of voter fraud

(Newser) - Donald Trump insists that massive voter fraud prevented him from winning the popular vote, and CNN's Jeff Zeleny insists there is zero evidence of this. That disagreement played out on the president-elect's Twitter feed Monday night, as Trump retweeted supporters' condemnation of Zeleny, and both he and Zeleny... More »

Sarah Palin Gushes Over Santorum BS Dig

'Good on ya, Rick, don't retreat,' she says

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is thrilled Rick Santorum blasted a question from the New York Times (ie, "lamestream media") as "BS." It "was good and it was strong, and it was about time because he's saying enough is enough of the liberal media twisting conservatives' words,... More »

Santorum: I'm a Real GOPer for Cursing Out NYT Journo

...or so goes candidate's defense of his use of the word 'bulls---'

(Newser) - It looks like there's no need for Jeff Zeleny to wait by the phone for Rick Santorum's apology—the New York Times reporter definitely isn't getting one. Sure, Santorum used the word "bulls--" last night, but the candidate today explained on Fox & Friends that, "... More »

'Enchanted'? Twitterverse Pounces

NYT journo's query on Obama's feelings 'genius,' 'navel-gazing'

(Newser) - One question from last night’s presidential press conference has pundits and Twitterers buzzing: A reporter asked President Obama what “surprised,” “troubled,” “enchanted,” and “humbled” him about the office. “I thought the Miss USA Pageant was *last* week,” read one Tweet... More »

Which City Are We In? Trail Takes Toll on Press, Too

18 months takes a toll on weary and addicted journalists

(Newser) - If you think you're tired of the election, just think about the reporters who've lived it nonstop for nearly two years. CNN's Candy Crowley tells the New Republic she falls asleep between events, pines for a mundane life and trips to the supermarket, and even resorts to leaving herself notes... More »

5 Stories