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Square-Dancing Steps Into Rock, Hip-Hop

New music irks veterans, but new blood is crucial

(Newser) - That tattered bastion of Americana, square-dancing, has fallen on hard times, but intrepid youngsters and older dancers eager to court them have turned to non-traditional music and methods to keep the practice alive. In Portland, Ore., a 20-something caller gathers friends in warehouses to do-si-do to punk rock. “It... More »

Mock Her at Your Peril: Palin Speaks Real American

Accent 'dissed' by elites is same tune favored by humble, common-sense majority

(Newser) - The discomfort Sarah Palin causes in liberals, and even many conservatives, stems from a fundamental disconnect between the educated elite and real America, Michael Novak writes in the National Review. Solid, humble citizens hear a familiar ring to Palin’s oft-mocked accent: “The same guts. The same common sense.... More »

2 Stories