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Man Murdered Urologist Over 21-Year-Old Grudge

Stanwood Elkus gets life in prison

(Newser) - A retired barber who murdered a urologist inside his Southern California office in 2013 over a 21-year-old grudge was sentenced Friday to life in prison plus 10 years without the possibility of parole, the Los Angeles Times reports. In 1992, Ronald Gilbert—then a medical resident at the veterans hospital... More »

Suit: Women With Pelvic Mesh Pain Given 'Appalling' Sex Advice

Huge medical scandal in Australia spurs class-action complaint

(Newser) - Disturbing details are emerging in a class-action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson in Australia, where more than 700 women allege complications from transvaginal mesh implants so severe their lives have been ruined. From chronic pain and injured organs to painful intercourse and an inability to work, they're part of... More »

Could Blue Light Help Men 'Get It Up'?

Study: Rats injected with DNA and exposed to blue light got erections

(Newser) - While Viagra is the most popular erectile dysfunction treatment in the world—and there are an estimated 150 million men globally suffering from the disorder—it only strengthens an existing erection and cannot actually instigate one. Another potential treatment is in the works that doesn't incorporate drugs at all:... More »

The Next Viagra Could Come From ... Spider Venom

One bite known to cause four-hour erections

(Newser) - One bite from the Brazilian wandering spider can cause loss of muscle control, difficulty breathing, and even death. But, good news! It can also cause four-hour-long erections, and that’s the side effect researchers are excited about. One of the toxins found in the spider’s venom causes priapism, “... More »

FDA Considers 'Pink Viagra' to Boost Female Libido

Critics: Drug driven by pharma profit, danger for abused women

(Newser) - Does "pink Viagra" offer much-needed relief to women suffering from low sex drive or is it just a money-making scheme cooked up by the pharmaceutical industry? That's the question the FDA will face next month when it considers whether or not to approve flibanserin, a new drug that—despite... More »

Plastics Chemical Linked to Male Sex Problems

Widely used BPA comes under more fire

(Newser) - A study of workers exposed to high levels of bisphenol A—a chemical widely used in plastic bottles and packaging—have a much higher incidence of sexual dysfunction than their counterparts. The study of Chinese workers found those exposed to BPA were 4 times more likely to report erectile dysfunction... More »

Beware: Antidepressants Could Kill Your Sex Life

New studies show surprising libido effects in antidepressants

(Newser) - An impaired sex drive has long been recognized as an occasional side effect of some antidepressants, but recent research suggests the drugs' libido-stifling powers might be far more widespread than doctors and patients thought. The prevalence of users experiencing numbness or fleeting arousal may be as high as 50%, and... More »

Testosterone Patch Boosts Female Sex Drive

Treatment significantly lifted libido in study of menopausal women

(Newser) - A testosterone patch boosted menopausal women's sexual desire and satisfaction in a new study, the Chicago Tribune reports. The women reported a big leap in libido, and their number of satisfying sexual experiences rose from twice a month to once a week. Some suffered side effects, including facial hair growth.... More »

43% of Women Have Sex Issues, But Few Are Troubled

Experts caution that dysfunction is relative, say 12% bothered is lower than thought

(Newser) - Just under half of the female population suffers from sex problems, ABC News reports. A new study found that 43% of its 32,000-women sample reported problems with low desire, arousal or difficulty with orgasms, but only 12% of women said such problems cause them personal anguish. More »

9 Stories