Dawson's Creek

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Ledger's Ex Says Grief Like 'Moving River'

(Newser) - Michelle Williams, who stars in a new film about the loss of a best friend, says time hasn’t made mourning ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger any easier. “I’m at heart an optimistic person, but in some ways it just gets worse," the Dawson’s Creek alum says... More »

Betty's Ugly Charms Wear Thin

Star Ferrera's rumored off-set cattiness isn't helping, either

(Newser) - When she lost the poncho, she lost the charm: America Ferrera’s Ugly Betty character “seems to be losing her very Betty-ness,” lament the Fug Girls in New York. “Ferrera and her scrappy, brace-faced alter ego” once brought “surprising heart” to ABC’s show, but “... More »

2 Stories