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Scientists Borrow From Popeye for Heart Tissue Breakthrough

They use spinach leaf to create vascular network for beating human heart tissue

(Newser) - Popeye knew a thing or two about building muscle, maybe even more than we realized. Per National Geographic , scientists have appropriated the cartoon character's favorite snack—a spinach leaf—to help create new human heart muscle. In doing so, they circumvented a tissue issue that's plagued this type... More »

New Test Figures Out Exact Time of Death

It can determine a person's time of death up to 10 days later

(Newser) - Current forensic tests use a person's core body temperature to determine their time of death, but it only works within roughly three days of death. Now researchers at the University of Salzburg in Austria say they've devised a new method that can figure out the exact time of... More »

Scientists Close In on Lab-Grown Human Penis

They've had success with rabbits, are approaching first clinical trials

(Newser) - If you think a bio-penis is only for guys who've run into angry, knife-wielding partners, think again. Genetic defects, penile cancer surgery, trauma, and even erectile dysfunction are all reasons a sizable number of men might opt for a bioengineered penis. A team of researchers has done it successfully... More »

Contrary to Opinion, Human Heart Regenerates

(Newser) - In a result defying popular opinion, the human heart regenerates about half of its cells over the course of a normal lifespan, the New York Times reports. A study used levels of a radioactive isotope in the earth’s atmosphere released by aboveground nuclear tests, and found in our bodies,... More »

Scaffolding Gets Scientists Closer to Growing a Heart

Biodegradable frame supports stem cells, may pave way for creating whole organs

(Newser) - Scientists have developed a biodegradable scaffold on which heart tissue can be grown in the lab, possibly paving the way for the creation of whole organs, the Independent reports. In the meantime, the goal is to produce living patches for mending damaged hearts. The flexible polymer matrix ensures growing cells... More »

5 Stories