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How Baron Cohen Might Follow Brüno

(Newser) - Sacha Baron Cohen is box-office gold, but he can’t pull it off again … or can he? Eric Ditzian looks at some possibilities for the Brüno star’s future.
  • "A Fourth Wacked-Out Journalist." Some thought Brüno couldn't fly after the exposure Borat brought, but the
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'Bruno' Crashes LA Rally Against Gay Marriage

Homosexual reporter is character in Baron Cohen's next movie

(Newser) - Sacha Baron Cohen went undercover as his gay alter ego Bruno yesterday, the AP reports, crashing a rally in support of a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage in California. Cohen, in disguise with a blond wig and preppy outfit, marched with demonstrators who support Proposition 8 while being... More »

2 Stories