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Did Scientology Block Meds for Travolta's Son?

Dogma suggests people can cure themselves by following church

(Newser) - Scientology dogma opposes medication for seizures and does not acknowledge the existence of autism, a condition that many believe John Travolta's son suffered, reports the New York Post. It's not known if Jett Travolta, who died suddenly in a Bahamas vacation condo, was taking medication for his seizures. But Scientology,... More »

Could Rain Trigger Autism?

Surprise link between autism and rainfall

(Newser) - US counties with higher rates of rainfall also have higher rates of autism, according to a controversial new study published by the American Medical Association. Pollutants in the precipitation, longer periods spent watching television, lower levels of vitamin D, or some other environmental factor linked to rainfall may trigger autism... More »

2 Stories