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Pa. Governor Likens Gay Marriage to Incest

Comparison follows earlier one likening gays to children

(Newser) - Tom Corbett likened gay marriage to incest today—and that was his attempt to walk back an earlier comment likening it to a union of children. In an interview with WHP-TV today, the Pennsylvania governor was asked about a state attorney's comments likening same-sex marriages to marriages involving 12-year-olds.... More »

Immigration Suit Worries Dem Governors

White House suit adds to re-election woes

(Newser) - Already feeling vulnerable in this fall's elections, Democratic governors are especially nervous about the hit they'll take from the Obama administration's suit against the Arizona immigration law. A closed-door session at this weekend's meeting of all the nation's governors in Boston revealed tension between the White House and many Dem... More »

It's the Governors' Races That Really Matter

Statehouses could reshape politics

(Newser) - All eyes in DC are on the midterms to see whether Republicans can take back Congress. Understandably so, writes Dan Balz, but there's a case to be made that the 37 gubernatorial races in play will have a greater impact on American politics. Some of the biggest and most important... More »

Spitzer: 'I Stood for Something ... Then I Destroyed It'

Governor also dismisses new tell-all by former adviser

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer is back in the spotlight, for better or worse. Last month featured an appearance on the Colbert Ropert, and now comes an interview with Time that portrays him as anxious, maybe even a little desperate, to get back into politics but unsure whether it'll fly. The kicker quote... More »

Dem Fundraisers See Gold Mine in Rush Uproar

Donkeys pounce

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only one cashing in on his new, higher profile. Democratic committees are using the uproar as a fundraising gimmick, the Washington Post reports. “When Rush says jump, Republicans say how high?” reads an email from the Senate campaign committee, urging GOP senators to “... More »

Governors Face Tight Races

Eleven states in play, four are close

(Newser) - Eleven states are choosing governors in a number of tight races today, with both Democrats and Republicans already crowing about victory. The closest contests are in Washington and North Carolina, reports MarketWatch. Neither state has elected a Republican in 20 years, but polls show candidates are neck-and-neck in both states.... More »

6 Stories