Revolutionary Road

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The Reason Kate and Sam Split

Marriage faltered during filming of 'Revolutionary Road'

(Newser) - Kate Winslet’s marriage to Sam Mendes started to go downhill two years ago, when they worked together on Revolutionary Road. “Working and living together was incredibly intense and it basically overwhelmed their relationship,” a source tells the Mirror . “Whereas Sam wanted to switch off after a... More »

Hollywood Is Fatal to Fabulous Books

(Newser) - Willing Davidson knows his complaint isn't original. But he can't help asking in Slate, "Why does Hollywood take our favorite novels and turn them into crap?" In Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road, readers see their own hopes within those of his characters; in the movie, character replaces plot "and... More »

Winslet Embraces Hot Accessory: Cleavage

Telegraph 's Fashion Director speculates on Winselet's outfit for BAFTA

(Newser) - Kate Winslet's new approach to awards-season fashion hasn't escaped notice, Hilary Alexander writes in the Telegraph. "Ms. Winslet’s breasts have become so important they are starting to take on a life of their own," the newspaper's fashion director observes. The double Golden Globe winner (supply your own... More »

Hollywood, Lay Off the 'Burbs

Hating on the suburbs is the cheapest, easiest move in art

(Newser) - Revolutionary Road, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, “is the latest entry in a long stream of art that portrays the American suburbs as the physical correlative to spiritual and mental death,” Lee Siegel writes in the Washington Post. Everyone from Allen Ginsberg to Sylvia Plath has given... More »

Leo, Kate Pave Way for Revolutionary Road

Actors overcome 'dated' feel

(Newser) - Revolutionary Road, a 1950s-era drama about marriage, love, and angst, has its flaws, but ultimately it works, writes Kenneth Turhan in the Los Angeles Times. That’s largely thanks to stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio and director Sam Mendes, who overcome a storyline that seems “as dated as... More »

Cash-Strapped Studios Spend Big on Oscars

Pricey ads run for contenders despite industry layoffs

(Newser) - America's financial crisis hasn't stopped studios from dropping big money in their quest for Oscars, Nikki Finke writes on Deadline Hollywood Daily. Amid layoffs and cutbacks, Paramount took out 7 full-page ads for Revolutionary Road in the New York Times, and Disney spent $675,000 for a Wall-E insert in... More »

Doubt Dominates SAG Noms

Streep, Hoffman earn nods; Pitt, Jolie, Penn join them

(Newser) - The Screen Actors Guild released its award nominees today, and left no Doubt which flick had the most star power in 2008. As with the Golden Globes, all four Doubt leads earned nods, which, combined with a best ensemble nomination, gave it the most potential honors overall.  Brangelina again... More »

Winslet's Back, With Eyes on Oscar

Actress reunites with DiCaprio, stars in two films likely to earn her some hardware

(Newser) - Kate Winslet isn’t a demure lady, she just plays one on the screen. The foul-mouthed, roll-your-own-smokes former “fat girl” was ecstatic to be the youngest actress with five Oscar nominations two years ago, but “you bet your (expletive) ass” she wants to actually win one this time... More »

8 Stories