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Obama Is Out, but 50 Staffers Unexpectedly Remain

Obama appointees to stick around until posts are filled

(Newser) - Barack Obama may have exited the White House, but some of his administration staffers are unexpectedly sticking around. New White House press secretary Sean Spicer says 50 State Department and national security officials who served under Obama will stay at their posts temporarily, while Obama appointee Thomas A. Shannon Jr.... More »

Certain Members Wiped From Trump's Transition Team

Lobbyists are being shown the door, sources say

(Newser) - Tuesday brought a big shake-up for Donald Trump's transition team, but the president-elect took to Twitter to assure Americans that there's a "very organized process taking place as I decide on Cabinet and many other positions. I am the only one who knows who the finalists are!... More »

It's Shake-Up No. 2 for the Trump Transition Team

Mike Rogers resigned today

(Newser) - Big shake-up No. 2 for Donald Trump's presidential transition team: Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, who had been leading the national security part of the team, resigned Tuesday. In a statement reported by Politico , he called his time "during the initial pre-election planning phase ... a... More »

Taxpayers Gave Romney $8.9M to Plan 'Transition'

New law provides candidates with resources whether they win or not

(Newser) - The federal government handed Mitt Romney's team millions of dollars to plan a presidential transition that never happened, Freedom of Information Act requests reveal. Romney was the first beneficiary of the Presidential Transition Act of 2010, which provides major party candidates with resources to plan their transitions mid-campaign, Time... More »

Mitt Taps Transition Chief ... But Advises Himself?

Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt picked to help, should Romney win

(Newser) - Someone's looking confident: Mitt Romney has picked the leader of his team to guide the transition into the White House. Mike Leavitt was Utah governor for 10 years and chose Romney to run the 2002 Olympics. He also served as EPA administrator and then health secretary under George W.... More »

Google to Help Congress Become More Efficient?

Tech giant honcho Eric Schmidt met with GOP transition head

(Newser) - Google’s CEO made a stop at the House Republican transition office days after the election—but not to talk politics. In a discussion centered around upping Congressional efficiency, Eric Schmidt spoke with GOP transition head Greg Walden, explaining how Google could help Congress by making it possible to edit... More »

Obama Transition Not So Flawless After All

Blunders show new administration to be quite ordinary, blogger writes

(Newser) - News coverage has so far given the impression that Barack Obama’s transition is one of the smoothest, best-executed in history. But with a number of recent blunders grabbing headlines, the administration’s image is coming back down to earth, writes Ed Morrissey for Hot Air. “Most transitions feel... More »

Google Will Have the President's Ear

Company may capitalize on the benefits of backing a winner

(Newser) - Google may be the company that needs to do the least searching for influence with the new president, reports the Los Angeles Times. The company was one of the biggest contributors to Barack Obama's candidacy, and four Google execs were on the transition team. The search giant's agenda—widening high-speed... More »

Bill, Gore, Rubin Guide Obama in Spirit

Bill, Al Gore and Robert Rubin leave mark on transition

(Newser) - Three of Barack Obama’s most important advisers will accompany him to the Oval Office only in spirit, Gerald Seib writes in the Wall Street Journal: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Robert Rubin. In leaving behind a healthy record as Democratic building blocks, the Clinton years left Obama “what... More »

Obama Staffers Stocking Up on Midnight Oil

President may encourage having families to White House for evening meals

(Newser) - The early-bird White House of the Bush administration is almost history, Politico reports. Unlike President Bush, who was usually out the door by 6pm, President-elect Obama’s staffers are expecting long, late hours to match their heavy workload. The Obama team is already working on ways to keep workers in... More »

Holder Pushed Clemency for Puerto Rican Militants

Obama's attorney-general pick helped commute sentences for PR nationalists

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s attorney-general nominee fought for clemency for 16 militant Puerto Rican nationalists during his time in the Clinton administration, the Los Angeles Times reports. Eric Holder pushed Justice Department subordinates to pave the way to Clinton’s clemency grant, documents show, sparking fury from law-enforcement officials who’d... More »

Richardson Camp Mum to Vetters on Pay-to-Play

Gov. tight-lipped about investigation

(Newser) - Bill Richardson’s sudden exit from the prospective Obama Cabinet is causing some Democrats to question the transition team’s vetting process. Sources tell Politico that Richardson evaded the team’s questions about the “pay-to-play” investigation he cited as his reason for backing out. The investigation has been public... More »

More Deja Vu: Betty Currie on Obama Team

Bill Clinton's secretary is now answering phones for Podesta

(Newser) - Yet another link with the Clinton White House: Betty Currie, the secretary to Bill Clinton who became embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, has rolled up her sleeves and is now manning the phones for John Podesta, the co-chairman of Obama’s transition team and former Clinton chief of staff,... More »

White House Preps Crisis Scenarios for Obama Team

Bush administration strives to stop transition period becoming a security weak spot

(Newser) - The White House has drawn up more than a dozen contingency plans to help Barack Obama if a crisis erupts early in his presidency, the New York Times reports. The briefings go way beyond what other administrations have prepared and deal with potential threats ranging from a North Korean nuclear... More »

Obama Camp Sits On List of Blago Contacts

No 'inappropriate discussions' by staff, but details must wait

(Newser) - Barack Obama's transition team has completed its review of contacts with Rod Blagojevich and his staff, but the US attorney has asked that details not be released while the investigation of the disgraced governor proceeds, the Chicago Tribune reports. A rep cut to the chase: “The president-elect’s staff... More »

Obamas Can't Check in Early to White House Guest Pad

President-elect told he can't move into official guest house early

(Newser) - Washington's hotels are booked solid for January and the Obamas have joined those struggling to find a place to stay, the New York Times reports. The president-elect and his wife had hoped to move into Blair House, the official White House guest house, in time for the girls to start... More »

Collapsing Nations Threaten to Be Obama's First Crisis

Imploding world economies would demand tough foreign policy choices

(Newser) - Barack Obama's first major foreign policy crisis threatens to be no less that the complete collapse of a large and unstable nation, Marc Ambinder writes in the Atlantic. The transition team has so far been silent—in public, anyway—on the prospect, but there are indications they are convinced the... More »

Obama Job Applications Headed for National Archives

Privacy rules will keep much secret, but applying to government does have perils

(Newser) - You know how they say your Facebook page will come back to haunt you? Now imagine if it weren’t just on the Internet, but in the National Archives. That’s the likely destination of personal information submitted by applicants to Barack Obama’s administration, reports Politico. Not to fear,... More »

Harvard Pals Mastermind Transition

Law school network continues to propel Obama's rise

(Newser) - Barack Obama has tapped his Harvard Law School connections to staff his transition team, with 20 of his classmates among the dozens of grads shaping the next administration, Politico reports. “The numbers seem very large to me,” said one presidential historian (from Princeton) about what looks like the... More »

Dems: Obama Must Take Charge of Economy Now

There's no time to waste, pols warn

(Newser) - Top Democrats are becoming increasingly frustrated with Barack Obama's reluctance to take charge of the economic crises,  AP reports. The president-elect has consistently said it would be premature for him to dictate solutions to the auto industry's woes, and steer $700 billion in bailout funds, but critics in his... More »

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