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Pop Culture's Weirdest 'Cover-Ups'

Vulture compiles 70 biggest celebrity conspiracy theories—including that Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey

(Newser) - Take a timeout from Election 2016 conspiracy theories and do a deep dive instead into tinfoil-hat whispers on the pop culture front. Vulture has spent the past few months performing what it calls an "exhaustive cataloguing" of the biggest cover-ups in music, literature, film, TV, and "anything else... More »

'Netflix and Chill' Is Today's 'Come Up for a Drink'

How the phrase went from innocent to innuendo

(Newser) - Hey, do you want to come over, watch some Netflix and chill? For those of you not in the know, "Netflix and chill" is today's euphemism for hooking up, the Guardian reports. (And if you weren't previously in the know, you are not the only one .)... More »

Quit Calling Things 'Guilty Pleasures'

Jennifer Szalai: Drop the artifice; you're not impressing anyone

(Newser) - If you want to feel guilty, fine. If you want to feel pleasure, more power to you. But if you want to toss around the phrase "guilty pleasure," then Jennifer Szalai requests that you resist the urge. In a New Yorker essay about how much she hates the... More »

Pop Culture Darlings Actually Aren't Popular

People watch '2 Broke Girls,' not 'Girls': Stephen Marche

(Newser) - Girls is, if media is to be believed, a big part of pop culture. Except that it's not. The show has gotten more than 1,000 mentions on BuzzFeed, the web's most trafficked entertainment site, and has "spawned a cottage industry of thought pieces," writes Stephen... More »

Conservatives, You Need to Watch Girls

Only by participating in the culture can you change it: Kurt Schlichter

(Newser) - It seems there's nothing about Girls a conservative would enjoy: creator Lena Dunham is a card-carrying member of the Obama faction, and the HBO show features no references to religion or traditional morality (nor any Republican characters). But if conservatives are going to complain about the state of our... More »

20 Biggest Pop Culture Letdowns of 2012

C'mon, Gwen, this is the best you can do after four years?

(Newser) - It's the end of the year: time to look back on the things we loved —and the things that severely, severely disappointed us. Zap2it runs down the 20 biggest pop culture letdowns of 2012:
  • Tim Tebow: He was awesome with the Broncos, but since being traded to the
... More »

Really? Obama Listens to Nicki Minaj?

Pop-culture shoutouts have gotten ridiculous in this campaign

(Newser) - Frank Bruni thinks he's caught President Obama in a lie, but to prove it, somebody has to subpoena his iPod. On Friday, Obama said he occasionally listened to Nicki Minaj—who once called the administration " lazy bitches ." But Obama had been asked to weigh in on the... More »

Hill: I Dodged Taxes While Guarding My Family

Long Tumblr post explains singer's withdrawal from pop culture

(Newser) - Lauryn Hill admits she paid no taxes for a few years, but says she was busy protecting herself and her family from popular culture, the New York Post reports. In a long Tumblr post , the singer said yesterday that she withdrew from society and cast aside pop culture's "... More »

Stop Picking On Sinead O'Connor

She's older and heavier; so what?

(Newser) - Catch those new photos of Sinead O'Connor performing in Ireland? (See the video in the gallery at left for a sample.) She is, gasp, no longer the slim, bald 20-something who captivated fans, and the Internet has not been kind in pointing this out. Lay off, write Mimi... More »

Amy Winehouse Haters, Please Save the Sanctimony

Take your smug criticism elsewhere: Mary Elizabeth Williams

(Newser) - Mary Elizabeth Williams has heard about enough from the holier-than-thou folks carping about Amy Winehouse coverage. You've heard it all: Winehouse got what she deserved, I told you so, or why waste time on her when people are dying in Norway, Africa, fill in the blank. "God forbid... More »

Meet Rebecca Black Pal: 'That Girl in Pink'

Benni Cinkle handles her fame with maturity

(Newser) - Rebecca Black isn't the only one who got noticed in her Friday video: Her friend Benni Cinkle became an Internet sensation in her own right as "that girl in pink" dancing next to her. She's been endlessly photoshopped and turned into animated GIFs, but good luck if... More »

Lots of Snooty NPR Listeners Don't Get NPR

Slate columnist: It's OK to cover pop culture, so lighten up, people

(Newser) - Farhad Manjoo loves NPR, but he doesn't like the listeners who write in every time the network dabbles in coverage of pop culture. Maybe "doesn't like" isn't strong enough: "Oh, I hate them, hate them, hate them," he writes at Slate . These "snobby pseudo-intellectuals" think NPR... More »

Bieber Launches ... Nail Polish Line

'One Less Lonely Girl' collection to hit Wal-Mart

(Newser) - Justin Bieber, mop-haired heartthrob and undisputed King of Twitter , is expanding his tween empire by launching his very own ... nail polish line. The ultra-glittery 'One Less Lonely Girl' collection by OPI will debut at Wal-Mart over the holidays and then spread like Bieber Fever to Target, Sears, and Ulta stores... More »

'Hey Mom, I Got an A in Zombie!'

College course capitalizes on pop culture phenom

(Newser) - Zombies may not be rising up and seeking out tasty brains, but zombie culture is. And now a University of Baltimore professor is offering an English 333 course focusing on the undead, reports the Baltimore Sun . Arnold Blumberg's class will feature studies around zombie films and comics. Students also will... More »

Ban Lady Gaga, Not Jewish Settlements

Pop stars more damaging to Mideast peace than anything rational

(Newser) - The Obama administration is making a big stink about Israeli settlements on the West Bank, but you know what causes a lot more radical anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world? Lady Gaga, argues Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal . Or, if you prefer, Madonna or Marilyn Monroe, or any... More »

After 20 Years, The Simpsons Is Irrelevant

But the show has influenced much of modern TV, says author

(Newser) - Today marks the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons, a show that has influenced everything from modern TV to the president’s speechwriter—but is now barely relevant. “There will never be another show or entertainment program as wide-reaching as The Simpsons,” says John Ortved, author of The Simpsons:... More »

Rehab: How Celebs Say Sorry

Bonus: No need for actual apology

(Newser) - Lately, when celebs want to show contrition, they turn to rehab. Whether counseling for alcohol and drugs (take your pick) to sex addiction (Steve Phillips) to homophobia (Isaiah Washington) to domestic abuse (Chris Brown), stars see a rehab trip taking the place of a public confession. “It really is... More »

2009's Coolest Pop Culture

Wired picks the year's best

(Newser) - This has been a vintage year for pop culture, say Wired writers listing their year's best in fields from film to video games to microsculpture.
  • Stephen Colbert's "hyper-real genius" made the year for Scott Thill, who believes "Earth’s most relevant living cultural critic" is long overdue for
... More »

'Fag Hag' No Longer Hip Label

Gay men slowly becoming less of an 'accessory' for women

(Newser) - Thanks to Will & Grace, the young gay men of a decade ago were turned “into something unexpected: a must-have item,” writes Thomas Rogers for Salon. Though he was “jockish, pop-culturally illiterate, and dressed in mom jeans,” Rogers “remained a strangely alluring target for a... More »

In LA, You're Never Too Old to Rap

Seniors learn to love the music in unusual class

(Newser) - A new crop of rappers is emerging in Los Angeles, and they have one thing in common: They’re senior citizens. Hip-hop artist Keith Cross started his unorthodox rap class in 2004 to show seniors “there is positive rap out there; we just have to look for it,”... More »

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