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Mutts Finally Break Into Dog Shows

They're allowed to compete in 'skill-based' events, but not beauty contests

(Newser) - The purebred Labradors, spaniels and collies of the dog-show world have a new rival: mutts. The American Kennel Club has changed its rules after 125 years to allow mixed breeds to compete in some events for the first time ever. At a dog show in Virginia this weekend, Otis, the... More »

Stray Dog Sides With Greek Protesters

Photogenic 'Kanellos'—or perhaps 'Louk'—goes where the action is

(Newser) - You weren't imagining things when you saw a dog trotting around downtown Athens this week as riots raged around him. The tawny shorthaired mutt has turned up in a surprising number of images over the past couple of years, reports the Guardian , which IDs the dog as Kanellos. But Gawker... More »

Fairey Pimps Out Famed Image

Campaign for pet adoptions recalls another recent race

(Newser) - Shepard Fairey, the man behind the iconic Barack Obama "Hope" poster, has another four-letter word for you: mutt. His cover design for the current issue of Dog's Life magazine strikes Gawker's Ryan Tate as a bit "overexposed": For someone so keen to sue other people for copying his... More »

Allergies Complicate Obamas' Pooch-Vetting Process

Malia's issues have AKC pushing 'hypo-allergenic' breeds; docs say there's no such thing

(Newser) - Animal advocates are chomping at the bit to sway President-elect Obama’s choice of first dog, and they’re using daughter Malia's allergies to do it, the New York Times reports. The American Kennel Club suggests the Obamas buy a “hypoallergenic” breed like a poodle or Bichon Frise, but... More »

A Tough Decision for Obama: Picking the First Dog

AKC wants a poodle, PETA wants a mutt

(Newser) - Barack Obama promised his daughters a dog after the election, win or lose. So it was no surprise when he told the girls during his acceptance speech they “have earned the puppy that is coming with us.” But what kind will the first family choose? Malia, 10, wants... More »

5 Stories