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CNN Sues Trump, Sanders Over Acosta Controversy

Network wants a judge to restore his press credentials

(Newser) - CNN has sued the White House over last week's controversy involving reporter Jim Acosta. The White House revoked Acosta's press credentials after he rebuffed an intern who was trying to take his mic away as the reporter peppered President Trump with questions. Now the network wants a judge... More »

CNN Reporter's Pass Revoked After Clash With Trump

Jim Acosta's colleagues call move 'disturbing'

(Newser) - Hours after he clashed with President Trump during a testy press conference , CNN reporter Jim Acosta returned to the White House—and was denied entry by the Secret Service. Press secretary Sarah Sanders later confirmed that Acosta's press pass had been revoked and claimed that he had "placed... More »

Journos Dispute WH Account on Barring CNN Reporter

WH says Kaitlan Collins refused to leave previous event, claims ban wasn't tied to her questions

(Newser) - The White House on Thursday defended its decision to bar a CNN correspondent from attending an open press event but contended it had nothing to do with the questions she asked. Deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said Kaitlan Collins was denied access to Trump's Rose Garden event with the... More »

White House Bans Reporter Over Her 'Inappropriate Questions'

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was 'dis-invited' from event

(Newser) - In what CNN calls "another serious escalation against the press by the Trump administration," one of its White House reporters was banned from a press event Wednesday, apparently because she asked questions that President Trump didn't like. As the pool reporter representing five networks during Trump's... More »

Reporters Want to Boycott White House Press Briefings

And more on the changes coming to the communications department

(Newser) - CNN's Jim Acosta went on a rant Monday accusing the White House of "stonewalling the news media," and the Daily Beast says he's not the only reporter who's ticked at how the White House handles the press. Monday was the second time in recent days... More »

Tom Hanks Leaves Present for White House Press Corps

The actor bought the corps a new espresso machine

(Newser) - America's Dad wants to make sure America's Fourth Estate doesn't run out of steam. Members of the White House press corps arrived in the press area break room Thursday morning to find a brand new espresso machine courtesy of Tom Hanks, the Hill reports. The actor left... More »

Is the Press Getting Kicked Out of the White House?

Trump rep calls press 'opposition party,' Priebus says it's about space, but no decision

(Newser) - Could reporters covering White House goings-on soon be relegated to standing in front of the fence, much like the New York Times describes reporters in the 1890s? A report published Saturday night by Esquire suggested a move of some sort, with three senior transition team officials telling the magazine discussions... More »

State Dept. Admits Tampering With 'Embarrassing' Video

Comments on Iran talks were deleted from 2013 footage

(Newser) - The State Department says a minutes-long exchange in which a reporter questioned whether officials lied about talks with Iran vanished from a 2013 press video in a cut it's now admitting was "deliberate." Spokesman John Kirby says an official in the public affairs bureau—he says he... More »

Bomb Threat Clears White House Press Room

Evacuation lasted about a half-hour

(Newser) - A strange and scary moment for members of the White House press corps today: Secret Service hustled everybody out of Josh Earnest's live daily briefing this afternoon after someone phoned in a bomb threat, reports CNN . Reporters were allowed back in after the all-clear came about 30 minutes later.... More »

Milestone: Obama Calls on Women Only at Press Conference

White House says it was a deliberate decision

(Newser) - One interesting quirk from yesterday's presidential news conference : President Obama took questions from eight reporters, and all were women. What's more, it was no accident, reports Politico (whose Carrie Budoff Brown got the first question). White House spokesman Josh Earnest explains:
  • "The fact is, there are many
... More »

Biden Demands Twitter Embargo

Veep doesn't want press talking about comments until conference over

(Newser) - Veep Joe Biden has added an unusual new embargo for his on-the-record press calls: No publishing anything about the call until it's over, reports Politico . Call it a reaction to the Twitter age, as reporters increasingly try to get out information as it is happening. The White House apparently... More »

Munro: Obama 'Just Turns His Back'

Daily Caller reporter admits he mistimed question, but says Obama ducks and runs

(Newser) - To hear Neil Munro tell it, he was simply a victim of bad timing in his rush to question a wily president: The Daily Caller reporter took to the semi-sympathetic airwaves of Sean Hannity's Fox show last night to rehash his interruption of the president , reports Mediaite . "The... More »

Sam Donaldson: Don't Compare Me to Heckling Reporter

'Never once did I interrupt a president,' says political reporter

(Newser) - The Daily Caller says reporter reporter Neil Munro's interruption of President Obama is no different than Sam Donaldson's interactions with Ronald Reagan, but Donaldson himself is having none of it. In an email to the Huffington Post, Donaldson says he never heckled, rather he called out questions in... More »

Obama: Aloof Image Is Media Creation

Press corps miffed by quiet social life, he suggests

(Newser) - President Obama isn't aloof, he says—it's just that he and Michelle don't tend to paint the town red. "My suspicion is that this whole critique has to do with the fact that I don’t go to a lot of Washington parties and, as a... More »

White House Brawling With Boston Herald

Paper up in arms over being 'shut out,' but White House denies

(Newser) - Two months after the Boston Herald ran a full, front-page promo for a Mitt Romney editorial that bashed Barack Obama during the president's visit to Boston, the White House and the newspaper are still sparring, reports the LA Times . The Boston Herald says it was " shut out "... More »

SF Chronicle: White House Threatened Ban Over Video

Reporter recorded protest at fundraiser

(Newser) - A messy media flap between the White House and San Francisco Chronicle : The newspaper says the White House threatened to ban its reporter because she shot video of a Bradley Manning protest during a fundraiser. Reporter Carla Marinucci was the pool reporter for the dinner, meaning she was supposed to... More »

Gibbs: I'm Stepping Down, Becoming Political Adviser

Press secretary will also hit the speech circuit

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs confirms that he's part of the long-rumored White House shakeup today, telling the New York Times that he'll leave the job in early February to become a political adviser. He's also looking to pick up a little loot on the speaking circuit. A successor is expected to be... More »

AP Scores Helen Thomas Seat, Fox Gains Front Row

Musical chairs in the White House press briefing room

(Newser) - The coveted Helen Thomas seat in the White House press briefing room went to the AP yesterday, upsetting all three news organizations who'd been lobbying for it—Fox, Bloomberg, and NPR. But Fox moved up to the front row, into the old AP seat, and NPR moved into Fox's vacated... More »

'Freedom of Speech' Means Helen Thomas, Too

In wake of 'indefensible' remarks, UK commentator sees double standard

(Newser) - The remark that ended Helen Thomas' career "was, quite simply, a disgraceful, thoughtless and indefensible statement"—but she does have a constitutional right to share her indefensible opinions. That contrarian view comes from across the Atlantic, where Guardian media blogger Roy Greenslade is weighing the "wider implications"... More »

Thomas Ruins Her Legacy

Antisemitic comments put cloud over crabby glory days

(Newser) - If only Helen Thomas had retired just a couple weeks earlier, then we could remember her for her legendarily combative presidential interrogations, muses Howard Kurtz. But after her “get the hell out of Israel” rant, we’re left instead with today’s column in the Washington Post titled “... More »

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