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Player Blames Wimbledon Loss With Being 'Bored'

Bernard Tomic's statement that 'nothing motivates' is getting blasted

(Newser) - "If you can't get motivated at Wimbledon, it's time to find another job." That, per the BBC , is the disgusted reaction of tennis great Martina Navratilova upon hearing that Aussie player Bernard Tomic shrugged off his loss to Mischa Zverev at Wimbledon on Tuesday by citing... More »

Casey Anthony Can't Escape Her Boredom: Source

Feels her life is 'pointless and aimless,' source tells 'People'

(Newser) - Casey Anthony may "sleep pretty good at night," per her own recent admission to the AP , but she's also apparently climbing the walls from a life of tedium and monotony. That from a source allegedly in contact with Anthony who talked to People , revealing the 31-year-old is... More »

5 Years Later, Casey Anthony Is 'Bored'

Sources say she stages paparazzi shots for cash

(Newser) - Five years after her controversial acquittal in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, Casey Anthony is not enjoying life as one of America's most notorious former suspects, insiders tell People . The sources say Anthony, who recently turned 30, is still living in South Florida, but she hasn't... More »

Most Men Prefer Electric Shocks to Boredom

People couldn't stand 15 minutes with their thoughts

(Newser) - For a surprising number of people, 15 minutes alone with their thoughts appears to be a psychological ordeal so grueling they would rather give themselves an electric shock. In one of a series of experiments involving leaving people with nothing to do but think, a quarter of women and two-thirds... More »

Bored? Experts Want to Study Your Brain

Boring activities can affect your health and productivity

(Newser) - Feeling bored? That's just fascinating to researchers in the little-known field of boredom studies, the Wall Street Journal reports. They gather at events like the third annual Boring Conference in East London, and orate on subjects such as toast and out-of-date portable keyboards. Participants in their studies are asked... More »

Society Needs More Boredom

It's what allows us to be creative, Scott Adams argues

(Newser) - Thanks to a dizzying array of gadgets, mankind has finally “won the war on boredom”—and that might not be such a good thing, Scott Adams argues in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal . Boredom, after all, gives our brains time to process things and be creative.... More »

Fans of Boredom Hold Dullest Conference Ever

No, that's not an Onion-style headline

(Newser) - James Ward’s presentation was the opposite of thrilling. As of June, he informed his 200-strong audience, 45.5% of the ties he owned were a single color—but that had since fallen 1.5%! The crowd gazed at his PowerPoint slides, not even pretending to be interested. They weren’... More »

Computer IDs the Most Boring Day Ever

Though now April 11, 1954, is kinda interesting ... for being so boring

(Newser) - If you ever find yourself a bit bored, just be happy today isn't April 11, 1954. A Cambridge scientist developed a computer program to calculate the 20th century's most boring day, and that one takes the cake. The program, True Knowledge, was fed 300 million facts about people, places, business,... More »

Farewell, Dear iPad: It's Not You, It's Me

Early adopter returns it because 'it's too good'

(Newser) - An unhappy early adopter of the iPad explains in the Harvard Business Review why he returned it to the store: "It's too good." Peter Bregman toted it everywhere and used it for email, to check news and traffic, and to watch the occasional episode of Weeds. He showed... More »

How to Tell If You're Boring

Watch for these signs during that idle holiday chit chat

(Newser) - Pretty soon, you’ll probably be drowning in polite holiday chit chat with rarely seen acquaintances, and odds are some of those conversations will be really dull. How can you ensure you’re not the one being boring? Slate breaks down some surefire clues:
  • Repeated, perfunctory responses: If they’re
... More »

New Addictions for Election Junkies

Games and Google Trends, Webisodes and Weaving, there's lots to choose from

(Newser) - With the election finally over, Web-surfing news junkies are in need of a new fix. Slate offers a few ways to fritter away the hours:
  • Follow the financial crisis: Exciting, depressing, full of numbers—the best way to keep that election high going just a little longer. Sites such as
... More »

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