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In Bitter Divorce, Michael Moore Calls Superagent

Filmmaker accuses wife of causing them 'serious financial losses'

(Newser) - Talk about a high-powered breakup: Filmmaker Michael Moore plans to bring in superagent Ari Emanuel—the inspiration for Entourage's Ari Gold character—to help in his divorce trial next month, Fox News reports. Moore and Kathleen Glynn, his wife of 23 years, have tens of millions in assets to... More »

10 Nightmare Hollywood Bosses

Does it get much worse than smacking employees around?

(Newser) - Nicollette Sheridan claims Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry smacked her in the face—but she’s not the only one who worked for a Hollywood nightmare boss. The Frisky dishes the dirt on nine more:
  1. James Cameron: Reportedly nails cell phones to the wall if they ring at the wrong
... More »

Ari Emanuel: Hollywood's Agent of Change

Rahm's brother set to become this century's first Hollywood mogul

(Newser) - Not only is super-agent Ari Emanuel one of the biggest players in Tinseltown, he’s changing the game, and could be the 21st century’s first Hollywood mogul, the Independent reports. The brother of President Obama’s chief of staff believes talent firms must become multi-faceted in order to survive—... More »

Third Emanuel Brother Key to Health Reform

The eldest, Zeke, goes from bioethicist to administration guru

(Newser) - Zeke Emanuel may not get the press brothers Rahm and Ari do, but he’s a figure to watch as the health-care reform debate heats up, the New Republic reports. As head of the National Institute of Health’s bioethics division, Emanuel became one of the most influential bioethicists in... More »

Ari Emanuel Is Hollywood's New Boss

Rahm's brother takes charge with agency merger

(Newser) - Ari Emanuel has soared to new prominence in the past few months since his talent agency, Endeavor, merged with William Morris. Now, he’s Hollywood’s “pre-eminent power player,” write Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes in the New York Times. But what drives him? Says a producer: “... More »

Blago's Book Bad News for Emanuel

Ex-gov likely went with small publisher so he could bash Rahmbo

(Newser) - Why is Rod Blagojevich’s tell-all book coming from such a small publisher? The press release says it’s so everyone’s favorite ex-governor can share his story “without restriction over content,” but Cindy Adams of the New York Post thinks she knows the real reason. Blago’s... More »

Chief of Staff's Bro Is Hollywood Super Agent

Rahm Emanuel's high-flying sib just got better connected

(Newser) - The president-elect's new chief of staff has a pair of high-flying brothers, the Los Angeles Times reports. Rahm Emanuel's younger brother, Ari, is a founding partner of top Hollywood talent agency Endeavor while older brother, Ezekiel, is a leading bioethicist. Ari, who shares Ramm's reputation for take-no-prisoners power plays, inspired... More »

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