Eugene Fama

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Economics Nobel Goes to 3 Americans

They developed new ways of studying asset price trends

(Newser) - Americans Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert Shiller today won the Nobel prize for economics for developing new methods to study trends in asset markets. The New York Times' simpler explainer: The three, who did not work together but were honored for their individual contributions on the subject, demonstrated... More »

Univ. of Chicago Biz School Banks $300M

Low-profile fund manager Booth makes historic donation

(Newser) - An alumnus of the University of Chicago who made a fortune from principles he learned at its graduate business school has donated a no-strings-attached $300 million to the school, reports the Chicago Tribune. The donation, by Dimensional Fund Advisors founder David G. Booth, is the largest ever to a business... More »

2 Stories