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Pawn Shop Buys Violin for $50. It's Quite a Bargain

Turns out, the Ferdinando Gagliano classic is worth $250,000

(Newser) - A violin bought by a Massachusetts pawn shop for $50 has ended up being worth about 5,000 times that. WFXT-TV reports a new employee at the LBC Boutique and Loan in Somerville had no idea what he was buying when he paid for the Ferdinando Gagliano violin, which was... More »

Cops: Man Killed Girlfriend's Son, Then Pawned Her Stuff

David Earl Vickers fatally beat toddler, police say

(Newser) - An unimaginable story out of Florida, where a 31-year-old man is accused of fatally beating his girlfriend's 17-month-old son—then stealing her belongings and pawning them off while she was at the hospital with the dying toddler. David Earl Vickers called 911 on Aug. 21 to report the boy,... More »

Cash-Poor Collectors Turn to Haute Pawnshops

'Private art banks' exchange paintings for cash

(Newser) - With loans hard to come by, some rich Americans are turning to their art collections for quick cash. Rather than sell in a depressed market, collectors turn to a lightly regulated corner of the marketplace that provides capital in exchange for temporary ownership of artwork. While they may look like... More »

Citigroup Sues Pawnshop Over Similar Name, Logo

Struggling bank seeks all profits made by Brooklyn's All Citi Pawn

(Newser) - Citigroup is suing a Brooklyn pawnshop for copyright infringement, the New York Post reports. The logo for All Citi Pawn sports the distinctive “i” and a similar red mark over the “t.” Citigroup’s suit demands the pawnshop fork over all profits made since it adopted the... More »

Pawn Shops Attract Upscale Clientele

(Newser) - Pawn shops are turning from the shady realm of the lower class to a place for rich people to get loans, the Wall Street Journal reports. The typical household income of a pawn shop customer is $29,000, but new middle- and upper-class clients are surging. One such client pawned... More »

Business Booming at Pricey Pawn Shops

LA's high-end pawn shops report record business

(Newser) - The financial crisis is squeezing its way up the economic ladder. With credit nowhere to be found, LA's high-end pawn shops are "the bank of only resort" for bigwigs who need quick cash for mortgages, plastic surgery, and even movies (that's to make one, not see one). At one... More »

Broke in the City of Light? Pay a Visit to 'Auntie'

City-owned pawnshop has helped great artists and authors pay for Paris' pleasures

(Newser) - The Credit Municipal of Paris, known about town as "Auntie," is pretty glamorous for a pawnshop. Since 1777, the city-operated institution has served Rodin, Monet, Zola, Verlaine, and Victor Hugo, who mentioned it in Les Miserables. The newest development? Auntie now accepts wine. "People can now exchange... More »

Martha Reeves' Stolen Equipment Turns Up

Detroit pawnshop has 'big piece of electronic something' belonging to Motown star

(Newser) - Recording equipment reported stolen from former Motown star Martha Reeves has turned up in a Detroit pawnshop, the Free Press reports. The equipment was taken last week from the childhood home of Reeves, who's now a Motor City councilwoman. More »

8 Stories