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Hypoallergenic Dog Is Tall Tail: Allergists to Obama

It's the dander, not the hair, that usually causes problems; steps recommended

(Newser) - Barack Obama plans to acquire a hypoallergenic dog because of daughter Malia’s allergies, but doctors have bad news, the AP reports. No canine is “truly ‘hypoallergenic,’” an allergists group says. “It is falsely believed that a dog that sheds less will not cause a... More »

Promised First Dog May Be 'a Mutt, Like Me': Obama

With daughter's allergies, choice of pooch will be 'a major issue,' president-elect grins

(Newser) - Of all the pressing questions looming before the Obama administration, one is dominating discourse at water coolers, around dinner tables, and even on the president-elect's website: What kind of dog are Malia and Sasha getting? The president-elect's first press conference today quickly turned to the family pet, which he laughingly... More »

Allergies Complicate Obamas' Pooch-Vetting Process

Malia's issues have AKC pushing 'hypo-allergenic' breeds; docs say there's no such thing

(Newser) - Animal advocates are chomping at the bit to sway President-elect Obama’s choice of first dog, and they’re using daughter Malia's allergies to do it, the New York Times reports. The American Kennel Club suggests the Obamas buy a “hypoallergenic” breed like a poodle or Bichon Frise, but... More »

3 Stories