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Why Folks May Now Feel Like Royalty at McDonald's

Chain announces table service, self-order kiosks, other upgrades

(Newser) - You deserve a break today. No, really, don't get up—a McDonald's server will bring your Big Mac right to you. That was the Thursday announcement from the company's execs, who said the new table-service option they're offering will help transform Mickey Dee's into a... More »

Your Computer Now Knows When You're Mad

The way you move your mouse is giving you away

(Newser) - We may like to think that we are indescribably complex emotional creatures, but computer scientists at Brigham Young University are finding that they can accurately predict one side of ourselves—our dark, angry side—simply by tracking the way we move a mouse while on a computer. "Using this... More »

Google's New Chromebook Is a Joke

Pundits can't believe the $1.3K price tag

(Newser) - Google unveiled its new touchscreen Chromebook yesterday, and it was not what anyone was expecting. Until now, Google's Chromebooks have been exceedingly cheap, but the Chromebook Pixel will cost a whopping $1,300—for a computer that can only run web apps. Here's what pundits are saying:
  • "
... More »

New Google Project: Touchscreen Laptops

Chrome-based devices to arrive this year

(Newser) - Google is at work on a new kind of Chromebook: one with touchscreen capabilities, the Wall Street Journal reports. The laptops should be out later this year, though the exact date is still unclear, as is the identity of the company handling the hardware. While sales of existing Chromebooks are... More »

What Tablet? Lenovo Rolls Out 27-Inch 'Table' PC

Giant all-in-one aims for multiple users

(Newser) - Tablet too small for you? Try an entire table. Lenovo is releasing a 27-inch Windows 8 PC billed as a computer for multiple users, CNET reports. A wheeled stand (which may not reach the US) invites users to gather 'round, while another concept turns the computer into a coffee... More »

Next iPhone to Have Thinner, Sharper Screen

Touch capabilities will be built in

(Newser) - The new iPhone rumored to be hitting this fall will employ a new screen technology that embeds the touch function into the screen itself, as opposed to the current method, which involves putting a "touch layer" over an LCD screen, the Wall Street Journal reports. The result: a screen... More »

Next iPhone's Screen to Be 31% Bigger

Report from South Korea indicates it'll be 4.6 inches

(Newser) - Apple has started placing orders for screens for its next iPhone, and this time it's going big, according to a South Korean newspaper report picked up by Reuters . The new displays will be 4.6-inch "retina" displays, and the updated phone will launch sometime around the second quarter... More »

The iBike, and 9 More Exciting Apple Patents

The iKey? Why not?

(Newser) - Steve Jobs may be stepping back , but that’s no reason to stop being jazzed about all things Apple: The company snagged a whopping 563 patents last year, some of which are sure to eventually see the light of day. Mashable reports on 10 you should be particularly excited about:... More »

Toddlers: The New iPad Whizzes, Addicts

New generation's love of touchscreens could reshape media

(Newser) - The iPad is becoming a major hit with toddlers—or at least with toddlers who have parents happy to plunk a $500 gadget in their hands. Parents say kids as young as 18 months are learning their way around the iPad's touchscreen with uncanny speed. And after putting the device... More »

B&N E-Reader Sports 2 Screens: E-Ink and LCD

Miracle device rumored to have social networking and go for less than Kindle

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble’s entry into the e-reader market, supposed to be under wraps until next week, has been ferreted out, and it’s got something no one else has. Rumors predicted color e-ink—not true—but the device has “got something almost better,” Kit Eaton writes: two... More »

Microsoft's Courier Tablet Is 'Astonishing'

Combines touch-screen and stylus, 'opposite' of Apple's coming entry

(Newser) - Microsoft’s foray into tablet computers looks to be “astonishing,” Gizmodo blogger The Paperboy raves after getting a look at leaked photo of the Courier, which has two screens and opens like a book. It has touch-screen and stylus capabilities, and is in the “late prototype” stage,... More »

How to Improve the BlackBerry

RIM dominates in sales, but the iPhone has big advantages

(Newser) - The iPhone has become a cultural phenomenon, but RIM sells way more units than Apple does. Why, then, does the BlackBerry have such obvious flaws? Wired lists five improvements RIM needs to make:
  1. Browser. The web looks much the same on an iPhone or Palm Pre as it does on
... More »

Back at Work, Jobs Zeroes In on New Apple 'Tablet'

Liver transplant has not diminished CEO's attention to detail

(Newser) - Just months after a liver transplant, Steve Jobs is back at Apple focusing his powerful micro-managerial style on development of a new tablet computer, the Wall Street Journal reports. Jobs’ close involvement with the tablet device signals that it will likely be a major product for Apple. During the development... More »

New BlackBerry Lands in a Sweet Spot

Physical keyboard, just-right size make Curve 8900 a winner

(Newser) - Research in Motion’s newest BlackBerry, the Curve 8900, is "a satisfying combination of high-end features, ideal size, and good looks," writes Katherine Boehret for the Wall Street Journal. Unlike the high-profile Storm, the new smartphone has a real keyboard that's "a dream for thumbs," she... More »

BlackBerry Maker Faces 'Storm' of Criticism

Bugs and design flaws in newest, much-anticipated model irk dedicated users

(Newser) - BlackBerry’s newest model, the Storm, has provoked frustration among users over bugs and bad design choices, MSNBC reports. Though the phone gained favorable early impressions for its “clickable” touchscreen, BlackBerry-related websites have recently been buzzing with criticism, as many have found writing email on the screen to be... More »

Storm Proves Worthy Rival to iPhone

BlackBerry Storm has a touchscreen keyboard but doesn't push iPhone

(Newser) - The BlackBerry Storm hits the US tomorrow, with the iPhone squarely in its sights. The new smartphone is an interesting mix of traditional BlackBerry and the hugely popular Apple gadget, with a few twists, Walt Mossberg writes for the Wall Street Journal. The keyboard is the Storm's calling card: ... More »

Your Next Cell Phone Won't Have Any of These

iPhone makes touchscreens the big thing, but voice, image recognition coming soon

(Newser) - Designers are hard at work on technologies for tomorrow’s cell phones, Priya Ganapati writes for Wired, with more functional touchscreens, developing voice recognition that learns, and typepad software with fewer typos. In 5 years, Ganapati writes, “your phone will be a smooth, sleek brick—a piece of metal... More »

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