Lie To Me

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Fox Nixes Obama's Airtime Request

Network decides Tim Roth trumps president in sweeps programming

(Newser) - Fox is passing on President Obama's news conference tomorrow night in favor of a new episode of Tim Roth’s drama Lie to Me, reports the Los Angeles Times. The president's requests for airtime—tomorrow makes four in under 100 days—have caused some griping among networks worried about their... More »

It's Predictable, but Lie to Me Is a Charmer

Procedural crime drama a seemingly successful hybrid of House , Mentalist

(Newser) - Lie to Me, Fox’s new crime procedural, really ought to be terrible, Heather Havrilesky writes in Salon. It checks every predictable box: a misanthropic, lie-detecting genius at the center, surrounded by sexy sidekicks and quirky underlings. But “fast-paced, clever” writing helps the series, premiering tonight, “avoid feeling... More »

ABC Slates Lost Premiere

(Newser) - After months of speculation, ABC insiders say that season five of Lost will premiere on ABC January 21, with an hour-long refresher and two new episodes, Entertainment Weekly reports. The 3-hour special will air on a Wednesday, setting up Lost to compete with American Idol on Fox. But regular episodes... More »

3 Stories