Greyhound racing

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Athletes (Dogs) Test Positive for Drugs (Cocaine) in Florida

The greyhounds' trainer has had his license suspended

(Newser) - At least 12 greyhound racing dogs in Florida have tested positive for cocaine, and their trainer has had his license suspended, the AP reports. It's at least the second instance this year of racing greyhounds testing positive for cocaine. The dogs raced at Bestbet Orange Park near Jacksonville. The... More »

Vote Greyhound for First Pooch

Loyal, cuddly and in need of a political push

(Newser) - So the Obamas are looking for a hypoallergenic rescue dog? Well, Jezebel has just the breed for them: Greyhound. Today known mostly as racing dogs, Greyhounds have a proud history. They were protected by law in the Middle Ages, they appear in Chaucer, Shakespeare and the Simpsons, and are the... More »

2 Stories