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'HOPE' Poster Artist Won't Go to Jail

Shepard Fairey gets community service for lying in copyright case

(Newser) - The artist behind the iconic blue-and-red Obama "HOPE" poster won't be going to jail. Instead, Shepard Fairey will do community service after being convicted of manipulating evidence in a copyright case dealing with the origin of the famous poster. In addition to his 300 hours of service, the... More »

Yankees' Bank Finally Defeats the System

We're all tired of talking about NY payroll, but it stifles baseball hope

(Newser) - Yes, writing about the New York Yankees’ ginormous payroll is “like writing about the heat in Phoenix. We all know it’s there, and we don’t really want to talk about it anymore,” Joe Ponanski says in what he admits is a “screed.” And though... More »

Obama Poster Artist Arrested

Shepard Fairey was on his way to DJ at his exhibition's opening

(Newser) - Shepard Fairey, the hot graphic designer and street artist behind the Obama "Hope" poster, was arrested yesterday on two outstanding warrants as he arrived at the opening for his new exhibition at a Boston museum, the Boston Globe reports. He's accused of tagging two Boston locations with graffiti, the... More »

Thank Portrait for Obama's Success: Hope Artist

LA graphic designer says image boosted power of art

(Newser) - The iconic Hope image of Barack Obama helped get the Illinois senator elected president, says the graphic designer who created the image. “It has exceeded my expectations almost from the get-go,” Shepard Fairey told Smithsonian magazine, adding that Obama’s “unique” look was an inspiration for him... More »

Patient US Has Faith in Obama: Poll

Troubled nation prepared to wait for solutions

(Newser) - Americans are vastly unhappy about the current state of the union—but have widespread faith in Barack Obama to nurse the nation back to health, according to the latest polls. Of those surveyed, 79% of Americans are optimistic about Obama's tenure, a higher figure than findings for the past five... More »

Noonan: Don't Panic, We're Still America

From Madoff to Detroit, people feel it's all collapsing, and they're wrong

(Newser) - From Bernard Madoff to Rod Blagojevich, Americans have lost faith in the people running things. “It’s the age of the empty suit,” one of Peggy Noonan’s friends mused recently. Our institutions have proven impotent and absent, and now “people feel all trends lead downward from... More »

Please Kill Our Hopes 'Gently,' Obama

(Newser) - People the world over are investing their hopes in Barack Obama's warm, intelligent persona, but the president-elect is destined to disappoint, Matthew Parris writes in the London Times. Like any pop star or religious icon, he represents more myth than reality. The turning point will come when "Yes we... More »

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