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5 Astounding Facts About Walmart's Dominance

Only the DOD and China's military employ more people

(Newser) - Walmart "isn't a unicorn, and it's no longer sexy," Quartz asserts. But there's no denying that the No. 1 company on the Fortune 500 list is a retail powerhouse that seems nearly impossible to overtake. Some astonishing details about how it continues to dominate:
  • With
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These 7 Hotshots Are Awake Way Before the Sun

Not that they're more successful because they're early risers—or are they?

(Newser) - Owls, hang your heads in shame. And larks—well, you may not be as lark-like as you think you are. Business Insider has compiled a list of 24 uber-successful luminaries who laugh in the face of the snooze button and rise before the sun to cross a bunch of items... More »

Successful at Work? Thank Your Partner

Researchers find that conscientious spouses do wonders for one's career

(Newser) - Who wouldn't love a partner willing to take on extra chores and errands? It turns out that a conscientious spouse isn't just good for household management and harmony, but for one's success at work, too, according to research out of Washington University. While one's own personality... More »

Go Ahead, Lie to Yourself

Self-deception can be a good thing, in moderation, say researchers

(Newser) - Tell yourself sweet little lies. That's the advice of several researchers looking into the habit of self-deception. In some cases, inflating your sense of your own intelligence or abilities could help you attain goals, reports the Wall Street Journal , provided the habit doesn't become a crutch. Studies have... More »

What Defines Success? Salary of $50K-$70K a Year

Majority of workers says fewer than six figures equals success: survey

(Newser) - Most Americans don't think they need to make six figures to be successful. A new poll of 5,772 workers found that a little less than 30% would define success as raking in between $50,000 and $70,000 a year; another 23% said they'd be happy with... More »

To Succeed, Students Might Need to Fail First

School administrators wrestle with how to teach character

(Newser) - Traditional measures of success in high school—GPAs, standardized-test scores—aren’t always good predictors of a successful future. That’s why the heads of two very different schools in New York City are searching for a way to mix character into the education equation. In a lengthy New York ... More »

Why Successful People Work 4 Hours a Day, Not 8

Short intense bursts are the way to go, say researchers

(Newser) - To be the best at what you do, 12-hour work days are key, right? Not even close, according to a new study that observed the practice habits of a group of violin students to determine what the "excellent" players were doing differently than the merely "good" ones. After... More »

Carville's Bush Comments No Comparison to Rush's 'Fail'

Pre-9/11, Dem hoped Dubya didn't 'succeed'

(Newser) - Amid the hubbub over Rush Limbaugh’s open desire for the president to fail, Fox News is claiming a media double-standard: Democratic strategist James Carville made a similar comment referencing Bush 43, and no one heard about it. But the two situations are far from analogous, writes Dave Cook in... More »

It's Time for a Backup Plan

Stay calm, be optimistic, or just go back to school

(Newser) - If you've gotten the ax or fear you're next, it’s time to prepare yourself without panicking, NPR reports. The American Psychological Association advises people to stay calm and make a financial plan to cope with tough times. "It's very hard, but try to stay focused in the present,... More »

Obama Stokes Lefty Pride In More Ways Than You Think

Democrat is sixth southpaw among postwar presidents

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s inauguration continues the lefty domination of the White House—after all, five other postwar presidents have been southpaws, too, MSNBC reports. Only about a tenth of the population is left-handed, but that includes a disproportionate number of politicians, athletes, and artists. “From a statistical standpoint, it... More »

To Groom Good Teachers, Look to Quarterbacks

Schools, NFL face surprisingly similar recruiting hurdles

(Newser) - Underperforming public schools can take a lesson from the NFL, but it's not an easy one, writes Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker. In much the same way that accurately evaluating a college quarterback is impossible, predicting a teacher's classroom success depends on countless intangibles. "No one knows what... More »

Study Paves Way for 'Entrepreneur Pill'

Start-up bosses seen to make tough calls under stress; researchers see hormone link

(Newser) - A study that links entrepreneurial success to risky decision-making, a trait less prevalent among buttoned-up business managers, has scientists pondering whether a pill could boost enterprising behavior. Riskiness is associated with the hormone dopamine, which could inject chutzpah into hesitant managers, the Telegraph reports. Critics doubt chemicals are solely responsible,... More »

Gladwell on Success: It's About Luck

Journalist-guru's latest book is 'closest to his heart'

(Newser) - Journalist and pop guru Malcolm Gladwell brings other people's big ideas to the masses, and in that way, “I’m a parasite,” he says. In his new book, the author takes modesty to a new level, crediting his success—which, by the way, manifests itself in a $4... More »

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