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Secret Service Mulls White House Checkpoints Blocks Away

After major security breach, Secret Service considering various options

(Newser) - The Secret Service, sporting a new black eye after Omar Gonzalez hopped a White House fence and walked right through the front door , is considering a range of measures to increase security at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Although the agency's director immediately added surveillance and officers around the White House,... More »

Ukrainian Forces Strike, Kill Up to 5

Putin warns of 'consequences'

(Newser) - Ukrainian special forces, backed by helicopters and at least 10 armored vehicles, have launched an offensive near the separatist-held city of Slovyansk. So far the fighting has been at checkpoints outside the city, where the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said military and police had killed "up to five terrorists."... More »

Man Builds Deadly Arsenal Using Airport Store Items

Including a gun, grenade, crossbow—and they all work

(Newser) - You may already find it ridiculous that you can't bring the tiniest pair of scissors through an airport security checkpoint, but you'll find it even more absurd after reading this: A North Carolina programmer is proving that even with all those security restrictions, it's still possible to... More »

Air Passengers Need Knives and Liquids

Ex-TSA chief Kip Hawley: 'You probably hate us'

(Newser) - Let passengers carry knives, lighters, and liquids on board flights. In fact, eliminate all banned items, and get rid of baggage fees while you're at it. So argues former TSA chief Kip Hawley, who writes in the Wall Street Journal that "the TSA's mission is to prevent... More »

TSA's New Strategy: Chats With Passengers

Agency plans to borrow security ideas from Israel

(Newser) - Get ready to reveal more than just your underwear at airport security checkpoints: TSA officers plan to start chatting up more passengers as part of the screening process. The agency already has "behavior detection officers" at work in airports across the US, but the new strategy calls for more... More »

TSA Body Scan Quick, Modest, Easy

Writer would take scan over pat-down, rubber gloves any day

(Newser) - Going through security at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, passengers have the choice of a pat-down or a walk through a full body scanner, and Jon Hilkevitch is going “with the touch-less scan every time.” He took a spin through a checkpoint equipped with the newly installed machines,... More »

Iraqis Swear by Pricey, Useless Bomb Detectors

US forces say handheld device is no better than a magic wand

(Newser) - Go through any checkpoint in Iraq, and someone will probably wave a small, hand-held device over your vehicle. Dubbed the ADE651, it’s supposed to detect bombs. But in reality it’s totally useless, US military and technical experts tell the New York Times, with one retired officer saying it... More »

Tension Builds in Bangkok Standoff

Police cordon airport as protesters remain

(Newser) - Police built a huge cordon around Thailand’s main airport today, fueling fears of a confrontation between the government and protesters who have occupied it since Tuesday, the AP reports. Some 2,000 police surrounded demonstrators at Suvarnabhumi airport, where all flights have been grounded, leaving 100,000 tourists stranded.... More »

Families, Line Up Here—if You Have Time

Airports to offer security lane for kin, travel newbies

(Newser) - Airports will allow families to line up in more leisurely security lanes for the coming holiday season, the AP reports. The checkpoints, which have proven popular in tests at 48 US airports, allow slow-moving families to stick together and less seasoned travelers to avoid scrambling for standard Transportation Security Administration... More »

9 Stories