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India's New President Is an 'Untouchable'

Ram Nath Kovind is a member of lower-caste Dalit community

(Newser) - Members of the low-caste Dalit community in India were once known as "untouchables." How times have changed: Two just competed against each other for the largely ceremonial office of president, and 71-year-old Ram Nath Kovind came out on top, reports CNN . In India, the real power is with... More »

Oprah Changes Thinking About Possible White House Run

Trump's win made her realized government experience not needed

(Newser) - An #Oprah2020 hashtag popped up on Twitter Wednesday, and it wasn't spurred by some random liberal pipe dream, but by the person the Daily Beast describes as our "national darling." In an interview with Carlyle Group CEO David Rubenstein for his Bloomberg Television talk show, Winfrey said... More »

Student Goes on Hunger Strike to Fix 'Infected' Campus

U of Missouri student wants president gone over racist, sexist, homophobic incidents

(Newser) - Jonathan Butler isn't planning on eating "until either Tim Wolfe is removed from office or my internal organs fail and my life is lost." Those were the words the graduate student wrote in a letter sent Monday to University of Missouri officials, declaring he's on a... More »

DNA Tells Tale of a President's Scandalous Affair

Warren Harding did father Nan Britton's child: AncestryDNA

(Newser) - Her 1927 tell-all book describing an affair with America's 29th president—and claiming him as the father of her child—propelled Nan Britton to the title of Warren G. Harding's most famous mistress . But as Britton only revealed the relationship after Harding's death and said she'd... More »

What Really Happened When Reagan Got Shot

Secretary of State Al Haig said he was 'in control', but was he?

(Newser) - When President Reagan got shot, Secretary of State Al Haig stunned the nation by saying he was "in control"—but really someone else was about to be, the Dallas Morning News reports. Relying on White House tapes and interviews with people involved, the Morning News describes a "... More »

'A Female Shouldn't Be President,' Says Female CEO

Cheryl Rios cites 'hormones,' 'biblical sound reasoning'

(Newser) - Cheryl Rios is the CEO of Dallas-based Go Ape Marketing , but some are saying her views on leadership are as primitive as her company's moniker. Rios recently made it clear on Facebook that she doesn't support Hillary Clinton as president—but it's not just Clinton herself that... More »

President's Century-Old Affair Letters to Be Released

But they're not to Warren Harding's best-known mistress

(Newser) - A thousand pages of love letters from the man some historians say was America's most scandalous president to a mistress will see the light of day next month for the first time in around a century. The Library of Congress says the letters from Warren G. Harding to Claire... More »

President Taft's Diet Secret: Cutting Carbs

Biggest president's health moves resemble today's: expert

(Newser) - William Howard Taft—our fattest president—used dieting techniques that wouldn't be unusual today; in fact, he dropped 60 pounds on a low-carb regime, says historian Deborah Levine, who recently analyzed correspondence between Taft and his British doctor. The two wrote to each other for 10 years, during which... More »

South Korea's 1st Woman President Takes Helm

Park Geun-hye faces nuclear North, divided South

(Newser) - South Korea's first female president, Park Geun-hye, was inaugurated today—three decades after the assassination of her father, Park Chung-hee, who led a dictatorship for 18 years. Park enters office at a moment of heightened tensions with the North, weeks after its latest nuclear test, the New York Times... More »

Angry Egyptians Try to Send Prez Into Space

They enter him in Buzz Aldrin-backed contest

(Newser) - Egypt has found a new way to express political discontent. An opposition group has entered President Mohamed Morsi in a contest to win a space flight, the AP reports. It's a way of showing their desire to eject the leader, the April 6 Youth Movement says on its Facebook... More »

What Makes This Man The 'Poorest' President?

Uruguay's Jose Mujica gives 90% of his pay to charity

(Newser) - He's a vegetarian, drives a 1987 VW Beetle, and runs a flower farm. Did we mention he's also the ruler of Uruguay? Jose Mujica is known as the world's 'poorest' president, but the one-time guerrilla revolutionary has chosen to shun the state's grand presidential home... More »

Why China's Next Leader Went AWOL: Heart Attack

Back injury has been blamed for Xi Jinping's disappearance

(Newser) - Speculation has been swirling about why China's president-in-waiting inexplicably dropped out of public view , and the Telegraph may have an answer: Xi Jinping suffered a heart attack just weeks ahead of his expected promotion, an insider says. Xi hasn't been seen publicly since Sept. 1, and "although... More »

George Washington's Book Sells for $10M

223-year-old volume includes Bill of Rights and Constitution

(Newser) - A 223-year-old book once owned by George Washington has raked in nearly $10 million at auction. The 106-page leather-bound edition of The Acts of Congress was printed for the first president in 1789 and includes a copy of the Constitution and a draft of the Bill of Rights. Washington's... More »

Russia Inaugurates Vladimir Putin Third Time

Heralds 'new phase' for Russia

(Newser) - Calling for a "single, united" nation, Vladimir Putin has begun his third term as Russia's president—a term set to make him Russia's longest-serving leader since Stalin. Following protests yesterday , Putin was sworn in at the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow in a $664,000 ceremony. In... More »

Putin Poised for Easy Victory

On track for two-thirds of vote despite Russians' frustrations

(Newser) - It's a banner day for Vladimir Putin. He'll easily sail to victory in the March 4 presidential election, according to the final big pre-election poll: About two-thirds of voters are expected to get behind him. That means a landslide against his nearest rival, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov,... More »

German President Quits in Corruption Scandal

Christian Wulff's exit a blow to Angela Merkel

(Newser) - Germany's president has stepped down after being hit with multiple corruption allegations. Though Christian Wulff's position is mostly ceremonial, his exit is nevertheless politically damaging to Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bloomberg notes. The chancellor had chosen Wulff to replace the previous president, who also resigned—just shy of two... More »

Putin: Why I'm Running Again

PM wants to guide Russia through 'zone of turbulence'

(Newser) - He announced he was running in September; four months later, Vladimir Putin is finally offering Russia an account of his reasons for seeking the presidency once again. Russia has entered a "zone of turbulence," and guess who Putin believes is the man to see it through to the... More »

Yemen's Saleh Poised to Cede Power

Set to sign deal, but he's made such claims before

(Newser) - Yemen’s embattled president is headed to Saudi Arabia to sign a deal ceding power to the vice-president, allowing Ali Abdullah Saleh to keep his title until the country holds new elections in three months. But there’s no guarantee that Saleh, who has dropped out of such plans in... More »

Bandaged Saleh Makes First Appearance in Weeks

Slams 'undemocratic' attempt to drive him out

(Newser) - Yemen’s president yesterday slammed opponents for what he called an undemocratic attempt to drive him from power; the televised appearance was his first since he was injured in last month’s attack on his compound. Wearing loose clothing and bandages on his hands, Ali Abdullah Saleh’s complexion looked... More »

Cracks Form in Putin-Medvedev Partnership

Lower-ranking politicians fired as tensions flare ahead of Russian election

(Newser) - After three years of relative harmony, cracks are emerging in Russia’s dual leadership ahead of this year’s presidential elections—and the country’s elite has “spent the whole last month on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” unsure who to support, wrote a Russian economist. Divisions... More »

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